Funeral Baptism – „The Venom of God”
Loud Rage Music

Hailing from its original country of Argentina, Funeral Baptism is black metal band which blends the raw and dark energy of the genre with small twist of atmospheric death metal. The band is now based in Bucharest/Romania and has released its first full length album, „The Venom of God” October 2017 via Loud Rage Music.
From beginning to end, „The Venom of God” does not let up. This is brutal Black Metal art at its finest. From the first track of „The Venom of God” you can tell it is something special, amazing guitar and drum work and good harsh vocals await,is a blasting piece of furious hate! It smashes you in the face like a sledgehammer. The guitarsound is harsh and cold, the way it is meant to be.This album represents, in my opinion, everything that extreme metal should be: it’s fast, it’s heavy, it’s belligerent, and it’s just so amazingly, overall badass. These guys know how to rock!Even though some of the songs kind of blend into one another, it never gets boring. There’s just enough variation to ensure everlasting listening pleasure. One aspect that really amazes me is how Funeral Baptism manage to be both supremely fast (at times) and crushingly heavy. Often you encounter bands that sacrifice either speed or heaviness for the sake of the other, but Funeral Baptism create the perfect mix. The vocals are nothing short of incredible. Liviu Ustinescu has a deep, raspy voice that would suit any black or death metal band. The musicians are very talented, but they apparently don’t need to flaunt their talent by trying to incorporate too many annoying elements into their music. They just don’t want to be a next fucking Meshuggah. Straight up extreme metal that never ever gets boring takes talent, too, make no mistake about it.
I’ve tried and I haven’t been able to find any flaws with „The Venom of God”; this is non-trendy, non-conformist, sewage-dwelling Black Metal in every possible angle that one can think of. The production is almost perfect… perhaps the drums could’ve been a little more prominent in the mix but it’s not so absent that it takes away a single ounce of evil from the total assault.