1.According to your bio, bands like CYNIC, ATHEIST, MORTAL DECAY and DEATH kinda shaped the GODLESS TRUTH sound when you originally started out back in 1994…But honestly spoken, except for the obvious Death influences I never really noticed anything like that in your song writing… So, what was the reason for that? Were your musical abilities in those days still too immature, maybe?!


Petr S: Well I think it was about listening to those bands a lot. We loved their music and wanted to be like them. I personally think you can hear the influence mainly in our first two albums.



2.What inspired the band’s name? Did you pick that simply because it sounded good or did you have some kinda concept based around it?


Petr S: And that’s a good question!We were searching for a name for our new band after the breakup of Mortality (my first band). There were 3 of us left (me, Martin Pánek and Marek Zahradníček) and the band manager of those days Zdenek (who later became our singer, now retired). We came up with three names and together chose the one – Godless Truth. And yes, it was because it sounded great for us but also that it had many forms of explanation.



3.Was it difficult back in those days to find likeminded musicians in Czech Republic, especially in such a little town as Olomouc, or what made you go for a three piece line-up in the first place? How did you all get together? I mean, did anyone of you have any band / musical experiences prior to forming Godless Truth?


Petr S: No, it was ok, you know, we were bunch of friends getting to know how to play guitars. There were good musicians around but a drummer. To find a good drummer was almost a superhero task. That`s why we hired Jaroslav Hanzel to record “Another Disease” demo for us, and after a few months he joined Godless Truth, oh yeah, that was great.
At the beginning of my music career we started as a two piece, me and Martin (drums, vocals later), at 1992. Then Marek (bass) and Ivan (who played drums much better than Martin) joined us. Ivan came up with the name Mortality. And after his departure Godless Truth were to start.



4. Same year in 1994 you already released your first demo, “Another Disease”, which featured „Intro”, „Doors to Paradise”, „Inhuman Feeling” , „Another Disease” and „Outro”.Were those actually the first Godless Truth songs you had written or did you already have some more finished to chose from?


Petr S: We had more songs. But we worked hard 2 months before going to studio with Jaroslav and we had to decide what record with him.



5.What can you tell us about the recording studio, where that demo was recorded in 1994… Did you have to face any difficulties while recording in a studio for the first time?


Petr S: There was a recording studio called Barbarella in Ostrava. I was a renowned studio those days for a bunch of money for us. We had great expectations and experienced one hell of jitters.



6.“Another Disease” pretty quickly established the name Godless Truth in the underground, so how many copies (approximately) got sold / spread around of it and did you get any negative response on it as well?


Petr S: We tried to spread the name of GT as far as our capacity, both financial and organizational reached. And luckily positive feedbacks prevailed negative ones.


7.In 1996 you finally signed with Lord Mark Black Corporation for your debut full length “The Desperation”. Were Lord Mark Black Corporation the first / only company to offer you a contract or what made you sign with a company from your country? How do you judge your co-operation with them in retrospect?



Petr S: LMBC was a label established by our bassplayer, Marek, and Zdenek helped him. It was a springboard for GT, we concentrated on spreading the name mainly.



8.At that particular time big line-up changes came.In 97/98 all the band members were kicked out, only Petr (g) remained and Zdenek, the band’s manager at that time, became a new singer,so tell us a bit about how this happen.


Petr S: That’s true. I was the only one left, we had a totally different view of creation. Martin took place of drumming again for a couple of months as we worked on “Burning Existence”, and he left after a while. Zdenek tried to sing and it worked great so he got that.There was Michael Ručil on the second guitar and Oldřich Vožda on drums, and he recorded that album.



9.I suppose that not too many people are aware of the fact that you recorded another (promo) demo in 1997, which featured „Silentium” and „Don’t Believe”.Where did you actually record those two songs?


Petr S: Oh, sorry, I don’t remember the name of the studio, but it was in Olomouc.


10.When did you actually get in touch with Deadsun Records from the France for the re-release of the „The Desperation” on cd format, which previously was only on tape.Also two-song promo from „Promo Tape 97/98” which was later added as a bonus for CD version of ‚Desperation’. What exactly was the reason for that? Weren’t you completely satisfied with those songs anymore or had the fact that the album got re-released.


Petr S: Deadsun Records showed the greatest interest in GT so we made a deal. We also wanted to re-release the previous “Desperation” on CD and we added those two promo songs as a music bonus to that special CD release.



11.Your line-up has been changed quite often ever since you originally started out and you Petr remain the only original member by now. So, would you somehow consider Godless Truth as your band?!


Petr S: Yes, I am the only original member of the band left and yes, Godless Truth is my band.



12.How do you feel nowadays in 2018 about “Burning Existence”,“SelfRealization” and „Arrogance of Supreme Power”? I mean the material has been written and recorded in between 1999-2004, so do you still stand behind it or are there always some little mistakes and points to complain about them when you throw them into your player? Personally I think that albums have been really outstanding and original for the times when they have been released.


Petr S: Every record is unique in some way, you know, and some like it, some don’t, why to question that?! We did our best at that time and we felt we put everything to show people our best. Oh and you could change anything anytime after all these years, nah?!


13.It’s definitely a sad chapter, but why have you closed the doors after a EP “Too Late to Stop My Hate” from 2010? I mean you’ve had a respected name in the scene, so which has been the real reasons? Didn’t you get along with eachother personally or did you simply develop other musical interests?


Petr S: You mentioned both reasons. There was man who wanted more.



14.Ok Petr, tell me more about the Godless Truth reunion… When did that exactly happen, who came up with the idea and what kind of expectations do you have?Do you think that people are still remembering you?


Petr S: I never really wanted to end the GT chapter in my life. Anyway we needed break, and me personally too. In that time I composed and played with Dissolution. The reason for GT ressurection was meeting our current drummer Petr Mikeš. We agreed as musicians and as people too. I think the point is in understanding each other and we have that with all band members in GT now. Well I’m happy!
Truly I have no expectation. We can continue in GT’s music as we love it. And if both old and new fans like the new face of GT, well, great happening for all of us!



15.So, please introduce the new line-up a bit more and if it will differ musically or lyrically in any way?You have already announced successor of the album „Arrogance of Supreme Power” (2004, Lacerated Enemy/Amputated Vein) and EP „Too Late to Stop My Hate” (2010) was finished in studio Abbadon under the supervision of the well-tested Zdeněk ‚Čepa’ Čepička…. tell us more about that, like how many songs you plan on recording, who’s supposed to hear this material (will you also sell it?) and so on…


Petr S: The present band’s line-up is:
Petr S. (guitar), Petr M. (drums), Jakub (bass), Ondra (guitar), Adam (vocals).
You can hear it in our latest single/music video “Fortune Time” (2017) where we are going, what we’re working on. And maybe more brutal, we’ll see. And again we’re going to record the new album in Abbadon Studios (close to our hometown) where we did with “Fortune Time”.
There are 8 songs to record. And as Adam says, “…it’s about torturing hatred and human mistakes…”



16.What are your future plans for Godless Truth? I guess most important of all for you is to find a good label, right? Any particular companies that you would like to work with or maybe you already inked deal with someone?


Petr S: Godless Truth is here to play gigs for you, to show up. Our former drummer Bizzaro is helping us a lot with PR/Management. Still searching for a label, some negotiating is going on nowadays, we’ll see…



17.Last but not least I like to know what you’re doing in your everyday life, hope this doesn’t disturb you? Do you still feel like a metalhead or have you turned into a family man?Thanx a lot for spending your time in this nostalgic Godless Truth lesson and good luck. If you like to add anything to this interview, just feel free… it’s up to you!!!


Petr S: All of us have a job. Some have kids and families, some are partying. But all of us are metalheads like we used to before! Maybe musicians can’t live that “normal” life
Thank you all! Listen to new GT and give us your feedback! See ya at gigs or on our fb page GodlessTruthOfficial.