Gravewards – „Subconscious Lobotomy”
Limited Edition – 300 Copies

This band really made my jaw hit the floor. I didn’t think anyone made death metal like this anymore. Wow…simply wow. This is one of the heaviest, most crushing assaults of death I’ve heard in years, without being filled with pointless blastbeats and indecipherable and commical gurgly vocals. No way, this is pure balls, pure unadulterated heaviness.The Hellenic power trio were certainly paying attention during Celtic Frost class — they’ve got that sort of old, old death metal sound.”Subconscious Lobotomy” is so crushingly heavy…pounding you into the floor when it’s slow and crushing, and sending you into a headbanging, smashing frenzy when it accelerates to thrash tempo.They add in some thrashy guitars in the fast sections, too, all built on a foundation of genius riffing. The smooth transitions and perfectly placed speed changes ensure that these songs will get into your head and stay there.However, most of this heaviness simply comes down to musicians who know how to write powerful riffs, who’ve listened to lots of Celtic Frost in their time and know that one good, simple chord progression is worth a thousand tremolo wankeries on the fretboard.The production on this album is quite clear and punishing. The vocals are right up front: they’re understandable deathy snarls . The guitars are sharp, with plenty of low-end that’s further augmented by the bass, giving the album an extremely heavy sound. The drums are great, with plenty of clever fills when they’re not pounding straight ahead. From the opening salvo to the final notes, „Subconscious Lobotomy” delivers song after song of top-notch death.