1.Just briefly, tell us how Grin originally formed and how the band got back together after so long.


Hello! The band was formed on the basis of another Major Smiss band in Sopot. The leader of this, Marcin Bożęcki after a lot of unpleasant encounters with unruly musicians in the composition decided to completely rejuvenate the staff and change the name. As it was at this time that the market position of the Swiss with Coroner appeared on the market, the question of the name was predetermined. In terms of music, both Major Smiss and the early Grin were very influenced by this great band. As for the second part of your question, it all went rather smoothly. We went for a few years, registered a large collection of demo tapes, licked what some people call rock’n’roll, and most of all in the world something burned in us … Everyone went their way, we set up new bands or just joined the already existing bands such as Ghost, Trauma, and Blindead. Four years ago, we met quite unmistakably at the beer and from the word to the word we decided to resurrect the corpse. Beginnings as usual are not easy, but as time goes on, everything starts to get in the way. We are now much more experienced than we were when we were twenty years old and we know what we can demand from ourselves!



2.It seems like the members had quite a bit of experience under their belts prior to forming Grin. What brought you guys together? How did the re-birth of Grin happen and how did you meet the current band members?


Contrary to appearances Grin was the first such big band for most of us. Previously, everyone of course he was playing there, he improved his workshop, but in fact Grin just threw us on a bit wider water. I, along with our then drummer, played the music from the border of Paradise Lost, maybe some Annihilator from the period „Never Neverland” „Grin also was a challenge for us, which I have to admit we handled quite well.We kids went to the local concerts of the group Major Smiss. This is how we met Kurt (Marcin Bożęcki), and it was him who founded Grin in the first line and offered us a joint play, which of course we eagerly set up in time to give up all his amateur teams at the expense of the one.


300x300 (1)3.Your first demo „Z pamiętnika wariata” came out in 1996, tell us some more about that.How has the metal community responded to this demo?


Unfortunately a lot about this release I will not say because we recorded them in horrible amateur conditions, on amateur equipment and although this material contains a piece of coveted Coroner thrashu, never really appeared officially and to this day with his follower in the form of demos „Dooom „We treat them as” inner „samples of our musical possibilities.



4.When you first started out this band, did you already have a clear vision about all those things back then, what type of specific sound Grin were striving determinedly for, ever since you started doing your first songs for your debut demo?


When we set Grin, none of us really thought about whether it was death, thrash, or any other derivative of metal music. Grin as a continuation of Major Smiss had a certain path of development laid out. Then it was called techno thrash, which today is probably quite different. Music performed by the band all the time naturally quite developed. With the typical thrash sound a’la early Megadeth we started to merge to Mekong Delta or Coronera just. Then there was VoiVod, fascination with Sepultura and Fear Factory. In the end, it was time for Meshuggah, getting darker and heavier, but we always tried not to lose that technological spirit.



5.Who were your heroes that inspired you to pick up instruments back when Grin was first formed? Who do you listen to now?Typical to Grin is a more progressive/technical approach to Thrash, similar to bands like Heathen, Megadeth,Coroner or Artillery…Do any modern bands have an influence on you?



In part I answered this question a little while ago. At the moment when each of us grasped the instrument at the end of the 1980s, almost every piece of music coming out of the iron curtain, for which unfortunately we came to grow up with the weight of gold! Each cassette or vinyl record was an object of worship. Dubbed after dozens of times, we were like proverbs. But we also had these kids, and we each absorbed the sound, every guitar play or rhythm of the drums like a sponge! The teams grew like mushrooms after rain. Style mixed, new species of extreme gameplay were born. In fact one day the band played thrash and the other was death metal. Everything was going so fast and so was our music haha! Today, surely, because of age, we listen to less music than then. Anyway, the access to her is a lot simpler and firing another mp3 man no longer feel the specific clothes that appeared when he watched a centimeter of a vinyl cover, he was engulfing the smell of the printer or the press. This time will never come back … However, as far as possible, we try to keep up to date with both novels and follow the work of the old men with whom the nomen omen used to put our first steps in the musical world.


6.How would you describe Grin’s music, in terms of a genre? Thrash? Groove Metal?What do you feel are the major selling points of your music and why should fans be listening?What are you trying to accomplish through your music? Do you have any specific goals and hopes for the band?

I think today with your groove is best for us somewhere between thrash and death metal haha. All the time with our music we try to go with the spirit of time. When the band starts eating their own tail and starts to hear it in his compositions, he should hang up, take a deep breath and think hard. It is known that „burnout” is an inevitable thing and over time it is likely to encounter every music in the world. We are no longer young people under the age of twenty, and we are well aware of this. That is why we talk a lot with fans, random people encountered at beer concerts encoding many things that we then analyze in the rehearsal room, which translates indirectly into our compositions. I’m not saying that we play only as people like it, rather like what we like and how we want people to hear it. Of course, we realize that this condition will not last forever, but when we feel we have something to say then we gladly say it is leaving a plate and hopefully a good impression after our concerts!


300x300 (4)
7.Starting at the end of the of the second part of 90’s, the whole Speed and Thrash Metal scene started to vanish in the wake of Grunge and, later on, Death Metal. Undoubtedly those were hard times for Grin, with Thrash Metal’s popularity in the mainstream Metal community waning. Did you feel like you were fighting for survival back in those days? How hard were those times for the band like Grin?


This question would be addressed to teams that had a well-established position on the music market. The bands that kept playing music. Most of all, they felt the stigma attached to them by the unfortunate Grunge wave. Amateur groups of ours, or simply disintegrating, trying to blend their former fascination with Grunge or just a little later with rap, or just continue playing their development, and most importantly, with all the good time and great satisfaction.


8.What are some of the things you learned about the music business over the years? Any lessons you’d like to pass along to young bands just starting out?



Haha, it’s awkward to tell me how we’re perceived. I do not know myself at the end. I will briefly say that the fact of moving Grin after quite difficult and often specific regions of metal music makes us have a respectable both in the old metal craftsmen and in the larger group of young bands we know or have had the opportunity to share the stage. I once heard such opinions that „Grin never sold”. I realize it’s a bit of a statement, but honestly. We have always been one step ahead of others. A bit of a bakier. And we never played ballad haha! As for educating young musicians, I think I’m still „too small” haha. I would like to say that they have some humility to music, to fans, and to themselves. But on the other hand, the question is whether the musicians of such Guns’n’Roses at the beginning of their great careers were humble to the world?


9.How much do you blame Grunge for killing a good many Metal bands during the nineties? Did Grunge kill the future of Grin, partly at least?



You really are not a supporter of Seattle music hahaha!(Not at all – fucking hippie music!-Mariano) Grunge certainly contributed to the end of a certain era. And strictly to the ubiquitous reign of thrash and death metal. They perfectly show a few movie documents, like „Get Thrashed” where the words of the face of the musicians, maybe the Exodus when talking about this fact speak for themselves haha! But on the other hand, I think it can not be blamed for just the Grunge wave. Many valuable bands, whether in Europe or the United States, have begun to fall into their own stagnation. Let’s just say Gorefest or Carcass, although such examples go into hundreds! Fortunately, as I mentioned above, Grunge passed by a wide arc, and in fact, the main reason for the absence of Grin for over a decade was only our „ragged” nature, with no resemblance to any stylist, Grunge equally effective and led to split in many metal bands and more.



10.How did „A Scanner Darkly” come to be on Deformeathing Production? What kind of promotion and support are you expecting from the label? One sure thing about being signed with such a dedicated metalhead as Wojtek is that he’s trustable enough that you don’t have to worry about being screwed by the label – he’s in it for the music, not for the mighty greenback!



Deformeathing Production was the only label that really paid attention to our short, only a dozen minutes long promo. While we liked the style of the music we played, we did not like the duration of the material. Wojtek himself offered to add as a bonus of the „Psychosen” demos from almost twenty years ago. And thus the complement of „A Scanner Darkly”. As you say Wojtek is a metalworker, and above all he is also a musician who knows Polish realities. Our cooperation is more about the gentlemen’s agreement than on a few pages of money and copyright. Doing what she can, trying to have in her „stables” after all not only us. The names such as Trauma, Epitome, or young, but sensational Shodan, also need promotion. In less than three months we will close in studio to record more than a dozen new tracks for the album and the first person outside the band, who will hear the final effect will be Wojtek.


11.Why did you want to re-record this particular record I mean „Psychosen” from 1998 as a bonus.? Did you want to get a better production versus the original or did you just want to see if you could set all those old songs on fire again with the new line-up?



„Psychosen” has never been recorded again. The version that was included as a bonus attached to „A Scanner Darkly” is the original recordings dating back to 1998. As a curiosity I will add that the song „Grin” along with the original, the only one left in our native language, is still in our repertoire today!




12.Do you believe you succeeded in recapturing the same vibe and feeling from the original record with this new Grin line-up? Did you try to stay true to the original or did you bring some new „spice” so people would be getting something „new” from the Grin camp?”A Scanner Darkly ” sounds both groove as well as technical and is expertly delivered on virtually every aspect. How important is it for you as a band to sound skilful, as well as brutal?



This style of playing, and properly composed we have honed many years. The right composition in the band has everyone. If the drummer has come up with a cool rhythm that he thinks may be the backbone of the song, then the rest of the song will fit in and out. There is no dictatorship, there is freedom. Probably indirectly thanks to this compositions are so varied. Each of us is a separate personality, each one has different tastes. Sipping a beer and discussing the topics of the team in the player shows a whole range of stylistic! We listen to Pink Floyd, Marrillion, Deep Purple, and soon go to Anaal Natrakh or Benighted, Down, Mastodon and Neurosis. My friend once said that „in the simplicity of strength”. To this day I recall the circumstances in which he uttered these words by listening to the aforementioned Coroner or even Meshuggah. Enjoy a few sounds and amazing rhythm! Many bands forget that drums are also an instrument in which many melodies can be played in addition to the beat of the beat. The whole riddle haha!


13.”A Scanner Darkly” consist only three new tracks but please tell me how long was the process of putting the album together, as far as writing the music, the concept and arrangements is concerned?



We prepared probably seven or eight songs. At the last minute, almost in the studio came the title „A Scanner Darkly”, which took over this material, gave us the title and changed the whole concept of this short promo. Sum of sumarum we recorded three songs and short acoustic outro counting that one of our native publishers will „sail” our muse and though it will partially help us to record a full disc. Unfortunately, it did not happen, but the rest you already know.



14.How much new stuff have you already written since the release of „A Scanner Darkly ” ? I bet your songwriting pencils have been pretty darn sharp lately, right?



Hahaha, exactly, our pencils are on top of a sharp haha! Just like I mentioned earlier in September we will be after a recording session for a new album with the working title „Building better Worlds”. At present we have fourteen songs, this number will certainly increase. It will be very death metal, but with the retention of our Grip groove. The producer and producer of the album will be our friend Mateusz Machnikowski, a man who ate his teeth on death metal and now bites gums on some lighter subgenres haha! There will be surprises, there will be guests, will be very good production. We are really good at thinking!


15.Are there any particular subjects that you discuss in your songs, some „theme” maybe? How does the songwriting process work for Grin? Does everyone contribute or is there one main writer? Are there particular authors that you try to emulate?


Texts are 100% Kurt’s work. They are short, concise and about. There is no time for wrapping in cotton or for epic trips to the land of ice and light swords. Anyway, the average of our tracks is three minutes with occupancy, so the vocalist will be able to shout out just a few sentences, which will long to think. Apparently, the subject matter of the texts, on each subsequent publication creates a concept. And it will also be on the new album. The main stimulus for writing each successive text is a fascinating book or a good, long-lasting movie. But often these are the situations that have actually happened, have occurred in our lives and forever changed its course. Really, the topic for good text is in us, in our past, present, and even future. We never know what will bring us another day, and even another hour or a minute.



16.How much have you embraced modern technology? Are you in to all the new tricks in the recording studio or do you still prefer a more „traditional” approach to recording and making music?



This is a very good question. Going to any record studio I have the feeling that it looks exactly the same and that it will also work, but unfortunately, or just the sticks, the technology has gone ahead enough so that we are able to use the cooler gadgets while recording. However, when we record our songs, we worship the tradition of the guitar and the tube amplifier. Only in the mix phase we add some flavors or effects, of course, knowing that we will play it all at concerts using tube full stacks. Today’s technology, in addition to providing amazing capabilities, also makes it extremely easy for musicians to work. I can not imagine at this moment hammering traces on the tape, and then cutting and gluing when someone’s handshake haha!



17.The album is graced with an incredible pristine production that is very easy to listen to. I take it you are satisfied with the studios you’ve worked with to produce and mix this record?



Actually, the production is very good, but now I can say that the new album will be even better! The studio where we recorded „A Scanner Darkly” has moved into another, much better adapted to the sound of the place. The owner of the studio and our producer and producer in one person also bought a lot of new, extremely professional equipment also we sincerely hope to knock down the final effect!


18.What do the guys in the band do when not actively participating in Grin? Will the new Grin be a full time thing or does everyone have other interests, commitments, family, etc.?Do you have any touring plans for the immediate future, domestic or international?


There was a time when outside of Grin’s work we had a lot of side projects, we gave out as session musicians, but as I mentioned at one point we put everything on a Grin card, and so it lasted for some time. Until when my good friend suggested to me to participate in his author’s quite exhausted project called Ropień. My drummer, Kuba, also joined us, and so a few months ago we recorded the album „Start of the End of the World”. We are currently in the search for a publisher, if that does not happen we will probably do it ourselves. Besides, of course, we are husbands, fathers, we have families that are also our priority. At one age a man begins to realize that he is no longer a „rock’n’roll star” and starts to approach most of the distance. And paradoxically, this distance helps us to reconcile our everyday life with metal music and even helps our way of doing it more and more professionally. We returned two weeks ago from the tour, which was held in the company of friends from the Mastabah band playing in bigger cities in Poland. Also, as long as everything goes well haha. It is likely that in the autumn or early spring of 2018 we will start again in Poland, or maybe we will shake off our neighboring countries, this time promoting a new building ‚s better worlds.


19.How would you describe Grin musical progress from the first demo to now? What do you think about the progression the band is taking?


For the past twenty years, the band has dominated the masses of musicians. Each of them had their own style of playing the instrument, their fascination and, above all, their personality. Each of them certainly left some part of himself in Grin’s music. Probably, if they were not, the band would sound different at the moment. Maybe better, maybe worse, we will never know. One thing is certain, if not for our desire to develop, push forward, we probably will not talk now and I guarantee that we will not react to Grin reactivation after so many years. Progress is inevitable. And I do not have music in this place. Just look around, at an accelerating pace of industry, electronics, medicine … The achievements in the sport are at present unparalleled to even if not before several dozen or several decades! Is that good? Sentences are probably divided. And coming back to us, or rather to your question. Grin throughout the course of his activity revolves around one of the only known areas of metal music, once again bouncing back in one direction or taking a novelty, tastes to return to his yard in the short time and use the previously learned knowledge. If we were to analyze our 1996 unofficial debut and „A Scanner Darkly”, bypassing the hypnotic gulf between the two, we would have come to the conclusion that there are many common denominators that skilfully jumped to the next level. It’s like with the Meshuggah group, every next album is a developed variation on „Destroy, Erase, Improve” or „Chaosphere.”



20.Thanks for the interview! Anything else we might have forgotten to mention? The last words are yours.


First of all, thank you for promoting our team in the Absent Omen, and also for the interesting questions that I was happy to answer. I hope that thanks to our „cooperation” Grin music will reach out to those who are thirsty for unconventional playing of the ears and eyes haha! I sincerely hope that we will be chatting next year with the release of „Building Better Worlds”!




Grin – „A Scanner Darkly + Promo ’98”