Hallux Valgus – „Death Will Prevail”
EP – 500 Copies
Ex Nihilo Music


First of all, the production on Hallux Valgus debut effort is ultra-pure. I’m not hearing a lot of processing at all. Everything is just given its proper space, recorded very loudly, and put out right where it should be. The performances are perfectly executed, from the drudging guitar lines, to D.I.W.D. from Infernal Slaughter, pit-bull barking vocal lines.
The guitar work over here is godly, both the guitars work together to create a dirty, vile and memorable rhythm sound that’ll tear your soul apart, aswell as creating dark melodic passages that’ll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand. The solos here are amazing, they just ooze of death, and all of them are plagued with evil melodies. Alot of the guitar work is done at light speed, aswell as enough midpace sections to create variety and avoid from being repetitive. There are also a few moments of greatness on this album where guitar work is done so well that I got shivers running down my spine the first time I spun „Death Will Prevail”.There’s many positive things about this death metal album. For one, it has a lot of groove to it. The riffs are heavy, but they have a certain flow to them. There’s many of those riffs where you’d just like to headbang, and even growl along with the vocalist.
The drumming here is done very well, none of that overrated blastbeat wankery, this has proper old school death metal drumming that actually gives the other instruments breathing space so you can hear what they’r doing, while still sounding brutal. The drumming also keeps to the pace of the music and stands out as it’s own instrument.
The whole EP is great, each song stands out in it’s own way and has it’s own strong points, and it is evident that this band puts more emphasise on sounding evil – the old school way, than in trying to be brutal – the trendy way. Overall, „Death Will Prevail” is easily a classic of raw, evil death metal.What keeps me coming back to this album? It’s the riffs. There are a crap-ton of nicely written death riffs on „Death Will Prevail”, and they all blow the doors off the room. That’s what I mean by „catchy” death metal. The tempo Hallux Valgus chooses is terrific. They sit right in that pocket of head-banging glory. Very few times, if any, do they choose to blast beat their way through a tune. It’s seriously drudging, pounding material.