Heathenspawn – „Heathenspawn”
Iron, Blood and Death Corporation

Heathenspawn hailing from Sydney, Australia and play a hybrid combination of melodic death metal and are highly successful at making that blend. It seems that they know exactly when to pick it up and destroy the listener with death metal like intensity and when to let the music build melodically.While their sound is pretty extreme – almost constant fast pace (and then I don’t mean blastbeats although there are some of those too) – they’re not ashamed of putting in lots of nice melodies along highly variated riffing, without losing the feeling for one second or sounding all too wimpy which often happens when a band tries to soften things up.”Heathenspawn” is filled with outstanding riffs, passionate harmonies,great drumming and I don’t know how they did it; if it was a conscious decision or not, but every song on this record is good. Wait, not just good: every song exceeds the average. From the opener „Hell’s Tavern” to their crushing closer „The Vatican Burns”,this debut Ep evokes some kind of emotional response from the listener for it’s entire duration.“Heathenspawn” equals a near-perfect blend of brutal and melodic death metal with elements of black and thrash. If you are a fan of this type of metal, you must check out this EP and Heathenspawn.
There’s also something else about this CD. I can’t really prove it, but it just seems like they really tried. Their effort to write a great record somehow comes across on this record.