Heaving Earth – „Denouncing the Holy Throne”
Lavadome Productions

From the Czech Republic we have the band Heaving Earth with their 2015 sophomore second full-length effort entitled “Denouncing the Holy Throne”. Everything about this record is top notch. The musicians are really talented and the music kicks major amount of ass. It´s brutal, technical and heavy as hell but it also features some of old Deicide´s catchiness and it never becomes boring or repetitive. My neck just keeps rocking back and forth and sometimes I can´t stop myself from screaming along. The instruments are handled with a punishing precicion and accuracy that makes me think of Vomitory which by the way is the first band I came to think about when I heard this.Not a single one of the tvelve tracks could be accused of being a filler but of course there´s songs that stand out. This shit is still brutal as hell.There’s alot of twisted riffs and groove. This unrelenting sledgehammer of heavy riffs with filth and melodic touches don’t sell out.Just listening to „Doomed Before Inception” and „Jesus Died”. The vocals are sick, not in the deep gurgly-type, rather the in-your-fucking-face style. The bass is a great weight, atleast for the brutal sound of theirs. The drums can be quite repetive but without any thought to slow down. For fans of Gorgasm, Vomitory or Morbid Angel perhaps this should be owned.One fundamental aspect of this album is that it’s way more consistent than both earlier and later efforts from the band. Where other albums have some good songs mixed with some mindless brutal filler, here every song obeys to a standard of quality. There’s hardly filler in this album as song after song, riff after riff you’ll have your head banging like crazy.
There isn’t much more to say about this album, other than the high points of „Diabolic Prophecies” and „Redemption Ablaze” are the standard here. While some will prefer the thicker production on the debut album, this one has much better songwriting and better riffs. As I said before the rawer production allows the instruments to have some more space to breathe in the mix, leaving you with a wider perception of what’s happening. Believe me that it doesn’t deter the brutality by a bit, as the album is always on overdrive speed, almost never slowing down.It should be a part of every death metal collection. Buy or die!!