1.Greetings Zepar and congratulations to Hell’s Coronation incredible debut „Antichristian Devotion”! Do you personally also still feel good about the record or is there anything which you’d like to change about it already?

Hail Satan! Thanx for a good word about our squalid debut. From the start i like this interview hahaha. We are satisfied with the final result, that`s the quantity of mold and rottenness we wanted. Everything what was in my head, was enchanted in notes on this release. The number of vermin vomited forth is right, so there`s nothing we want to change.




2.Tell us a bit about the recordings of „Antichristian Devotion”, like where you recorded, who produced and how the whole process went? Any problems that occured during the making of „Antichristian Devotion”?

„Antichristian Devotion” was recorded in Tczew at Creme de la Creme Studio. It`s Jacek Langowski lair – sound engineer, friend of Coffincrusher. He called him, ask about recording our EP, we shortly characterize our vision, we`ve set the details, and plans become an act. Together with Jacek we took care about production, because I trust nobody if we talk about music and i have to take control on everything hahaha. Through the recording process there was no problems, from the beginning `till the end we knew what we wanted. The only one though thing was that will Jacek understand our leads or will he be able to dress in appropriate clothes all our tracks. As it turned out, we understood each other without any problems, and the fruit of this work you`ve already heard. I will add to confirm this fact, that next EP we recorded with him as well.




3.What I really like about the „Antichristian Devotion” is the fact that you obviously found a perfect balance between the necessary rawness on one hand and a matured songwriting on the other… What was your intention when you began writing „Antichristian Devotion” -is a ferocious album with swirling melodies and chaotic frenzied speed. How you prevent your music to succumb to its chaos and aggression so that it stays listenable, did you have a preconceived idea of what you wanted the record to sound like and what you wanted it to achieve, or did that come about naturally?

I`m happy you noticed that balance. From the very beginning it was an assumption, that music got to context with the sound of 90`s, but taking into account of possibilities of our times. There`s no accident in it. Hell`s Coronation was established in his abomination, to desecrate the listener slowly and precisely, densely poured magma, like a Goat`s sperm dripping on the cross. The sounds are supposed to sound carefree, to mold molded instruments gave away her smell completely, making ritual primitivism and minimalism with full premeditation. It is a cold-blooded building of mood is to allow you to focus on exploring another circles of hell.




4.Your stuff reminds him heavily on all the great Black / Death Metal outfits which were spread by labels like No Fashion or Wrong Again onto this planet in or around the mid 90s with a little bit rawer approach. What’s your opinion about that fact and which bands influenced you most or made you start to rise from the deepest abyss?

What we do in Hell`s Coronation is a salute for the 90`s scene. It was the best time for music, most honest and devoted. Now this climate is not so much because of ubiquitous commercialization. After release of „Antichristian Devotion” we`ve heard many comparisons to bands from that period, it flatters us, it means we do the thing for the right people. We have our years, the spirit of those years is firmly rooted in us. This, in turn, translates into the music we create, many scenes are crossing there. Voices that reach us most often, comparing us with norwegian scene, swiss or even greek. And that would match, because bands representative for these scenes from last decade, who shaped us as a young adepts of black arts, until today they have an impact on our music sensitivity. And in this way the story is coming round.



5.What new Black Metal bands are you currently seeing as carrying the torch for the next generation?How important is Satanism for you, the band and in the context of black metal, in general?

It`s hard for me so quickly to indicate some bands who will be a model for others in the future. This will evaluate history and this is very individual. There`s so many bands these days, you can spend whole days by computer to become familiar with each valuable band. I will only mention Moenem Of Xezbeth – Dawn Of Morbid Sorcery, fuck! I havenot heard such a good demo for a long time arrrrgh! And i expect such music, in this post-hipster deluge of shit.
I treat satanism as a starting point to build our temple. It`s important for me and for band, because it involves extreme individualism. What goes along with it, allows you to direct the dark side of the soul – selfishness, to make hate and evil slepping in psyche had an outlet in music. There it can be transformed into something bigger, to lead the body through the darkness of life to the truth, to see the true light that is in the dark. We care satanic etos, because fundaments of Black Metal was build on it, and this is an important factor in our work. So for all black trend, to continue cultivating it.




6.Hell’s Coronation has been a 2 piece band since the start, has there ever been a discussion about adding more members?

Personal problems, divergent vision – that`s the most bands problems, less members – less problems. That was the assumption, when i created Hell`s Coronation from the abyss of chaos, to create music with minimal involvenment of third parties. I like to pick at rehearsals, experience the magic of creation, so i suggested cooperation with Coffincrusher. Double system is a perfect combination for Hell`s Coronation. I do not plan to expand the line-up with more people, because it`s not needed for anything. In fact, i do not plan to play concerts with this project, fuck it, we do it alone. I prepare riffs and lyrics and then we make together the arrangement of the song at rehearsal. In studio, the division of labor is so distributed – i record giutars, vocals and keyboards and Coffincrusher fights bass and drums. Sometimes he supports me with invocations.




7.Your debut was unleashed onto this planet by a Godz ov War Productions on tape in limited edition to 100 copies and by a Black Death Productions on CD format. How did you come in touch with them? Is this a one album deal only or did you sign for further colaboration with one of them.

Facebook – he came here with help, can you believe it? Hahaha. EP was recorded, it was mixed, we recorded at rehearsal a video of one of tracks, to show it to the world. But question was – where to put it? Such times, everything and everybody is on facebook, so Coffincrusher convinced me to create a profile on that shit and put the video right there. I was very sceptic for this idea, but in the end i gave in and it works. For few hours from creating FB profile i got a message from Greg of Godz Of War, he said he is interested in cooperation and he will gladly release a tape, if we are interested too. I knew his label, i knew what and how he released, so i did not think. And a tape! – cult carrier ideal for such carcass like ours haha. Greg was the first publisher, and STH from Kingdom was the first person, who gave Greg`s a link with our music, everything started from him. Hail Seba! About CD – we`ve played a Nekkrofukk gig in Gliwice, Maciek from Black Death production came to me. He knew that our tape will be released with Greg`s Godz Of War, so he asked about release „Antichrist Devotion” on CD, he said he will do it with pleasure. Quick action and tucked up. We did not sign anything, there`s gentlemen`s agreement in both cases. I got to know persons which i entrust to the music i have made and i don`t need any paper. I shit on every soulles corporation labels! With the above mentioned, everything goes right to this day, the next material we will give to the same persons.




8.There is obviously an anti-religious / anti-dogmatic concept within the lyrics of the album, but do you think that the real problem in our society is the Judeo Christian values that have been around for hundreds of years? Many death – and black metal bands seem to take it a little too easy when it comes to the lyrics. Would you say that the lyrics are almost as important as the music?… do you think that Black Metal lyrics need to deal with Satanic or Occult topics exclusively or is there more to write about?

I cannot imagine the situation, that the music which is created was not completed with appropriate text message. Sounds and lyrics are the same important for me, all this must create a whole, and be complementary, penetrate. If music is not supported by relevant content is nothing more like a meaningless conglomeration of notes. If you live in such country like Poland, where on every step you are experiencing a church indoctrination and his followers, there`s no way to write of something else. I cannot do it at all. Nurturing hatred to this institution allows me to keep my balance in everyday life. I dream of wake up one day in the world without religion, because they are the main cause of this whole shit, what is the human species now. Being on a leash of religion and their shepherds, these blunt masses are stuck in their backwardness, because they are so comfortable, because they do not have to strain, everything has been served on a tray. They just do not ask unnecessary questions, obey the imposed directives and morals according to a lord. Black Metal has now many shades and plane. There are many different topics in it and ideologies. The most important thing for me is antireligion attitude, if in other sub-genres this issue is mentioned, from every different style i can wrench something for me and use it for my objectives. The worldview is build on priorities, of course each of us has different, but that does not bother to find a common ideal, which is the end of a monotheistic reigions.




9.One element of the release that has been consistently lauded is the artwork associated with it. What was your role in generating the art? How is it related to the music and how should one integrate the two?

I wanted the title of „Antichristian Devotion” had a simply graphic representation, direct with a symbolic dimension. So reading the intention of cover-art of our release, crosses with snakes repesent our anti-christian attitude, while an hourglass with skulls illustrates passing away, where everything around us changes beyond our devotion. Cover was drawing by Lord K. from Nekkrofukk according to my guidelines. He moved my vision on paper, flawlessly sensing the idea. Then Greg got the finished cover, and he gave it to Marckus – graphic. He having a free hand, but taking into account our preferences, he made the whole layout. Finally we got it to accept, we have provided comments and it went to print. The graphic layout is to be shown to the recipient on which side of the barricade we are. So that he has no doubt what he finds inside. We give the first impulse with graphics, to know which door to open.




10.Symbols abound within the music and artwork. What is the proper role of symbols in the music of Hell’s Coronation? How important is it for one to gain an understanding Hell’s Coronation placement and of symbols within its work?

Symbols are secret geometry, energy of a shape and hidden thought. In Hell`s Coronation they have to show the power of rituals of christianity abomination, by turning the poles. The evil thought is to disturb harmony, change rhythm, to sabotage the christian certainty, value and undermine the god`s divinity. He has to constantly light a black flame, that he would raise not peace and fear in opponents, and to soulmates allows to properly pick up the aura of release. The point is to tune the recipient`s subconcious to our energy. We as creators through the symbols in music are the senders of primary evil.




11.You seem to have drawn upon a wide array of occult systems in the creation of “Antichristian Devotion”. Can you comment upon what role esoteric knowledge plays in the development of your music and lyrics?

I`m interested in occult, i extend my knowledge reading many books about this subject, going through the next stages of initiation. Occultism allows to capture the essence of the topic which is contained in Hell`s Coronation. The idea is to make music, graphics and lyrics were marked by the ritual. The systems we use help the foundations of creative inspiration in realizing your own true will. In combination with your own instincts they are a guide on the way to enlightenment. It`s an astral trip to reach the hidden forces in the world and to experience a sensual agreement with the elements.




12.The last years the international black metal scene has been flooded with bands of all calibres and sizes. What would you say set you apart from the majority of other black metal bands that are out there today?




I will admit honestly i never thought about it, if something differentiates us from others or not. It just does not interest me, it`s not a race or competition. I make music which flows from me without trying to be original. It has to be a honest manifest of hate without calculation, and wonder if this message will get into the boom. But there is one thing, which can set us apart from other eulogies of darkness. Namely, we play slow, we majestically build a devilish atmosphere. Many bands counts on speed, they`re like a volcano eruption, who pours his guts out with violent force. We are that flows from the volcano down the slopes, monumental lava, which destroys every holiness on its way. It can make us stand out.




13.What can you tell us about your next release? Is it more of the same or would the band’s sound continue a logical evolution; would we have to wait long for the next assault?

All the time we will cult chosen direction, we do not intend to change anything, although there may be progression in regression hehe. New material is already recorded and forwarded to publishers. For a tape responsible again is Godz Of War Productions, and for CD version Black Death Productions in cooperation with Under The Sign Of Garazel. Title of release is „Unholy Blades Of The Devil”, it will contain 4 tracks plus intro. Both publishing formats are to be ready in spring 2018, so patiently wait for next dose of cadaveric light.




14.Ok please finish this off with anything you may want to say, and I hope the next Hell’s Coronation album is as good as the first one ). Thanks for your time and black luck with all your future endeavours. Feel free to add anything you want…

Great thanx also for the interview and interesting questions! Will the new album be equally good, i can`t judge, i leave it for recipients, but you should not be disappointed. Black Metal gives many possibilities to let demons through The Bronze Gate, so do it! Metal is War! Hail Satan!!!