1.Alright, you guys are more obscure than most grim Black Metal bands out there and I couldn’t find much about you, so we’ll go with some generic stuff to introduce the band… You guys have been around for a couple of years or so. How did Hereza get started?



Yes. Hereza was formed in Summer of 2014 when I, Slobodan Stupar recorded an album at my friend’s home recording studio and asked Ivan to do the vocals on it. Hereza was only a one man band studio project at that time.



2.Who came up with the band’s name? It’s nice to see not only a name that hasn’t been used 20 times already, but is also an eye catcher… I mean…HEREZA, one cannot be indifferent when they see a name like that !



A friend of mine proposed it for one of my previous bands and I really liked it, so I kept it for just in case and now my new band has that name.



3.What exactly lead to the origin and how does Hereza differ from any possible previous bands of yours? So, what have you guys all been up to until you finally formed Hereza?


For me, Hereza is everything I wanted to really do. Blackened death metal with blast beats but also simple, short and sweet like punk music.The bands I played in before were mostly death metal bands, similar to Hereza but with more influence of melodic death metal or hardcore and groove.Ivan screamed in two death metal bands before Hereza.



4.There’s some punk influence in Hereza brand of Death.…  What are yours  music background, and how does it „affect” the songwriting? What does Hereza represent, please tell us more about your music and worldview.


I like simplicity and attitude of punk music so I somehow mixed it all together into Hereza’s music. We both listen to various music, from rock n roll to extreme metal. It affects the songwriting like a one big shake. We mix everything we listen to and what we put out is what we want to hear. Sometimes it’s more death metal, sometime it’s more punk, but mostly is the mix of two.



5.Even though the oldschool influences in your songwriting are quite obvious to recognize, you luckily never sound as stupid and pathetic as all those fuckin’ retro bands that used to pop up over the last couple of years. So, how do you manage to deliver this honest feel? Which bands actually had the biggest influence on Hereza style?


Thank you very much for your kind words. It’s nice to hear something like that. JWe just write music and lyrics how we feel in the moment and try to top previous songs.Hereza’s music is mostly influenced by Swedish death metal bands such as Entombed, Dismember, Dimension Zero, Demonical… to some d-beat, crust, punk bands like Wolfbrigade, Disfear, Tragedy, Human Error…



6.Hereza got signed by Canadian record label PRC Music in October of 2014 and released it’s debut album „Misanthrope” on February 10th 2015. So, how did you hook up with PRC Music exactly?Was that your first release or did you spread any demo- and / or rehearsal tapes previously already?



We hooked up with PRC Music over facebook. I sent them a message saying that we are looking for a label, they liked our music and that’s it. Yes it was our first release ever.



7.Your debut album was released by PRC Music. Did you get offers from other labels before them? How on that time has PRC Music treated you so far? Looking back are you happy with their work?


If I remember correctly, only one more really small label was interested in releasing our debut album but they declined at the end. PRC Music treated us nicely in the beginning but in time, support, contacts and promotion faded away.



8.Let’s talk about your 2015 debut full-length, „Misanthrope” is a great record in its own. It’s awesome for a debut album. How has been the response to it so far, locally and internationally by the underground in terms of reviews and word of mouth? How many copies did the band sell?



Thank you very much for your kind words. I really appreciate it. We got really nice reviews on our debut album, great response from our fans and friends.
I really don’t know how many copies PRC Music sold. They never said it and we never asked.



9.Do you have a local following  in Croatia? What kind of live shows have you done and tell a bit about your most memorable shows so far (good or bad) and with whom you already shared the stage?


I don’t think so. We have some friends and fans who like our music but I don’t think there is a local following. Unfortunately, we didn’t do any show with Hereza so far since we are two men band. We tried to find people to play with, but it didn’t work out.



10.Speaking of the Croatia metal scene, what do you think of it? How do you see your local and national underground scene nowadays? Are there any Croatian bands that you especially like? Any good underground bands in your local scene?


There are some good bands but the scene is really weak, or it seems like it. No real support from the fans or media, in my opinion. Local scene is nonexistent and national scene sucks. There are a few bands who are really doing something. I really like, support and would like to recommend Black Cult, E.N.D., Kryn, Infernal Tenebra, Defiant (Ivan’s previous band) and Chemical Exposure.



11. On both the previously mentioned „Misanthrope” and the new full length „I Become Death” you re-instate the feeling of darkness, hatefulness and dread in a classic death metal package. Is this a counter reaction to today climate of sterile and technical sounding records, who don’t quite harness the same oppressive atmosphere that the earlier death metal records had in years past?


To be honest, I didn’t think about what other bands do. I am always focused on my music and trying to make the best noise I can and to be happy with it.


12.Tell me something about the essence of the „I Become Death” record. What are the progressions compared to the previous output „Misanthrope”? What can you say regarding your lyrics, the way the compositions came into being, the reactions so far, etc.?


“Misanthrope” was written for my previous band but since we split I made a decision to make a new band and record the songs because I really liked them, and I still do. The songwriting was focused on that band.The focus on “I Become Death” was only writting the most disturbing music and lyrics we could at that moment. Lyrics are dark, brutal, honest and hatefull. We tried to push the limit for ourselves and I think we did it quite well.Reactions are great both from the fans and from critics. We got really great reviews and gained a lot of new fans. Also thanks to our label, Godz Ov War Productions who made a great promotion and spread the word about us.



13.One of the things I really love about Hereza is the very natural and filthy sound. This monster is breathing and eating fire. What kind of equipment do you prefer when going to a recording studio? What are your weapons of choice? Any leanings or recommendations you would like to share with us?Did you exactly know what kind of sound you wanted or did this sort of materialize along the way?



Hehe thank you! Glad you like our sound. On both records I played Epiphone Les Paul Custom and Epiphone 1984 Explorer with EMG 81/ 85, Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 and Marshall cab, but „The sound” comes from the iconic distortion pedal, Boss HM-2. I absolutely love it!



14. „I Become Death” is your debut effort for Polish label Godz ov War Productions, who seem to building a strong catalogue of underground death – and black metal hordes. How did you hook up with Godz ov War Productions, were there any other labels interested and what made you sign with them in the end? Are you happy the way Godz ov War Productions has been pushing and promoting its bands and releases so far?


We hooked up with their founder Greg on facebook like we did with PRC. Sent them our stuff, they liked it and we got signed. We are super happy how they threat us. There is dialogue between which is really nice for a change.Nobody else wanted to sign us but Godz Ov War.


15.I take it Hereza was doing lots of single gigs, numerous festival appearances, etc to promote „I Become Death” over A.B. 2017. Is Godz ov War Productions helping you in any way with that inside and outside of the Croatian market?


Unfortunately, Hereza didn’t have any gig so far, but we are doing everything we can to change that.



16.What would you say are the primary challenges, trials and tribulations that extreme metal bands face in Croatia, in trying to get known and established beyond the country’s borders?


Both Ivan and I moved from Croatia a year ago. We are both living and working in Germany so we are trying to find band members here.



17.Can you tell us a bit about the lyrical themes and concepts you touch upon with your new album „I Become Death” and also please say something about the artist you worked with for the artwork on „I Become Death” it’s fucking amazing!


Art work was made by Maciej Kamuda, an artist from Poland. Godz Ov War proposed him to us and we knew he will make a great job.Lyrical themes are typical for death metal; death, suffering, devastation, hatred, killing…



18.What’s going on in the Hereza camp in the nearest future are you planning on doing a series of gigs in Croatia or are there any possibilities for Hereza to do a full European tour in support of the „I Become Death” or maybe do you already work on a new album or EP?


Hereza is finishing it’s 3rd full length album, drums are recorded, we are still writing lyrics and waiting for a studio termin. Hopefully we’ll record guitars and bass in January of 2018.Also, we are rehearsing with our new, the first drummer we ever had so hopefully we will have some gigs in a near future.



19.OK – I assume this was enough torture then… here’s my last question please, try to define what Metal is all about for you. What is its essence in your eyes, what kind of energies to you draw from it?


It was really nice answering your interesting questions.
For me, but also I think I can say this for Ivan too, Metal is life. It’s the way of living. Us both are in metal around 20 years so it is a huge part of our lives. No matter if we are in a good or a bad mood, good or bad situations in life, we find comfort in metal music so it keeps us moving and going forward.