Ignis Haereticum – „Autocognition of Light”
Goathorned Productions

„We’re just a channel, the messengers of something much bigger than ourselves. Our sole purpose is to spread the word like a plague on this barren land; We don’t care if you share it or not. We don’t follow any fashion movement, dogma or any material tether, we simply are in charge to carry this message to those who are disposed and prepared to receive it.”
Columbians Ignis Haereticum continue their luciferian gnosis on second full-length ritual „Autocognition of Light”. Ignis Haereticum plays raging, aggressive, brutal, blaspheming black metal art at it’s finest.This opus gives me an erection every time I listen to it.This Columbian horde does not sound like any other band, they are a fucking unique band.Now I think this is an absolute must for anyone seriously into black metal. What’s most striking about this masterpiece is how the musicians manage to make the listener feel the power, the talent and the hate they possess. There’s a metallic, satanic atmosphere that comes out of each song, you can’t have enough of it!The production is thick and warm. It fits very well with the imagery and feel of the songs presented here. This is not a melodic, tremolo-picked affair. This is not for the faint of heart. This is music for the sick, by the sick; and the production values convey these intentions.Ignis Haereticum hope you die and they certainly know how to show it. Within the maelstrom of percussion, the ever-shifting barrage of riffs, and Fr. D.M signature bark lies the essence of Ignis Haereticum : balance. Balance between a true underground sound and a professional production, between the genre defining primitivity and brilliantly executed songwriting, between primitive and highly aesthetic artwork, lyric-wise between intellectual demand, and well common misanthropy. „Autocognition of Light” conjures images of suffering and destruction, all the while suffocating you with its constant vibe of urgency.
It’s probably a good thing that Ignis Haereticum albums aren’t very long – „Autocognition of Light” runs for about 41 minutes – as the music can be exhausting to follow. Lack of catchy tunes doesn’t make it easy for first-timers to follow the songs but then Ignis Haereticum have never been bothered about appealing to a broad range of listeners. It is as if the musicians have been charged by a higher power with spreading a particular message in a certain way and they must do it no matter how difficult and confronting it is for them or how many people will bother to hear it.
This is not an album to dissect and analyze. All you need to know is that this is violent, punishing black metal worthy of your attention. Music like this is intended to be felt.Buy or die…