FURIOUS BARKING / DESMODUS – „Italian Thrash Relics – Vol. 1”
Rude Awakening Records and DeathStorm Records

„””Rude Awakening Records and DeathStorm Records are proud to show the result of a profitable collaboration, entitled „Italian Thrash Relics”, the first chapter of a series of releases thought to rediscover Italian thrash demos from the 80s and the 90s, forgotten by masses but still but still alive in those who lived the golden era of Thrash Metal.”””


To begin with,FURIOUS BARKING “De-Industrialized” EP (debut originally released in 1991) is a pretty good album, but it pales in comparison straight to SEPULTURA from „Beneath The Remains” and”Arise” era.Great guitar riffs, fast as hell drumming, if you can’t headbanging to this song you’ve now lost your mind, your balls, and your musical tastes, in that order. If you’re not head-banging violently by the middle of the second song (W.W.M.O.D.), there is a strong possibility you’re wearing a neck-brace. One of the most appealing things about FURIOUS BARKING for me is the feeling of “completeness” I got from their songs. Unlike many other thrash bands at the time, they never abandoned a riff after three seconds to move onto the next riff, just to dump it for the next one. They let the listener fully enjoy the juiciness of the riff in all its glory, never losing any of the power and speed. Many a time, just as you’d think the song has nowhere to go anymore and your neck is about to break if he keeps it up, the band changes tempo completely and guitarist Fabio or Francesco bursts into a beautiful yet crushing solo, or builds momentum until the next sonic attack.Highlights: Well, all of them!


Second band of this split is DESMODUS and their cult demotape from 1992 called “Human Wreck”. Unlike most other thrash releases of this era, when most bands were slowing down and/or being content to rewrite the classic Bay Area sound ad infinitum, DESMODUS chose to rev up the engine and take us back to thrash’s violent roots. Most of the songs here are just this side of being out of control speed-wise, balanced out with slower and mid paced riffing to rein the lot in, and that is the way good thrash ought to be–homicidal and vicious!Desmodus was the band that could keep high the flag of pure thrash metal in Italy. If bands like Bulldozer, Necrodeath and Schizo were mostly death/thrash, Desmodus was far purer.This album is pure fucking thrash. Over-the-top vocals, and of course lots and lots of riffs, and all this delivered at about 284 beats per minute. Oh and catchy too. Damn, this album is executed flawlessly.Something that fullfills the need of mayhem and destruction that every self-respecting thrasher has. Something incredibly fast and intensely ripping. This albums begins with riff annihilation and ends in exactly the same way, endlessly shifting patterns, from whiplash-inducing „Kill ‚Em All” type riffage to more advanced guitar work. This band isn’t as technical as Nocturnus or later Death, but the riffs are complicated enough AND they do not lose the focus, making this one of the most consistent thrash records I ever heard.

If you like thrash, this two lost gems of Italian Underground should already be in your collection. If you’re curious, THIS is the place to start. If you don’t care about thrash at all, you should still buy it, because it’s that damn good!