1.Hell-o! For those who might not be familiar with the band, do a little introduction to our readers… Necrography, putrid facts, most famous victims and the remains…


Hell, Kingdom is alive since 2002, in our discography we have 3 full lenght albums, one demo, one split and one ep. Actually we work on 4 full lenght and I suppose that it will be recorded at the end of the year.



2.In your music I feel an atmosphere that’s full of hatred, but is also quite corrosive… Is this the real aura of Kingdom? Hatred and corrosion? How do you usually call your band’s music? Would „Death metal” suffice, or is something like EVIL DEATH METAL, BRUTAL SATANIC DEATH METAL needed?


I don’t think we need to call it any other name than DEATH METAL. Pure to the bone i old school way.



3.Kingdom was formed in 2003, but nothing was recorded… Finally three years later you released a demo entitled „Horned God”! Why was there a so long sleep? Lack of musicians? Vanishing of the scene? What motivated you to come back and reanimate the band?


To be more precise it was 2002 but this was the year that we started to have some rehersals and the line up was formed. It took us some time to have stable line up and that was the main problem why it lasted so long. The band never needed to be reanimated we needed time to put things together



4.According to Metal Archives you’ve guys also been part of several other bands at one point or another, such as Centurion, Blind Beyond,Grom and My Infinite Kingdom… Tell us a bit about that, like when you’ve played with them, if it was just project work for you guys or real bands and why it didn’t work out in the long run..


Well, when you are younger you have more free time, energy so we played in many projects. Most of them are now dead but some like Ritual Lair, Centurion, North play all the time.



5.In 2003 two of you – SLW and LWN finally started up Kingdom… What exactly motivated you at the time to start up a new band again and was it clear for you right from the start that Kingdom had to become a whole lot more serious in every aspect than all of your previous bands / projects?


When we started playing we didn’t know for how long Kingdom would exist. Becouse we like to play with each other, we have our ideas of how death metal should sound it is 15 years now and I hope many many more ahead of us. All the time the same motivation and feelings follow us.



6.Were you particularely impressed by any bands at the time, bands that motivated you even more to come up with something very strong on your own or was it more vice versa… that you disliked the whole scene so much that you simply had to create something better on your own in order to regain your enthusiasm for Metal?


Thanks to bands like Morbid Angel, Angel Corpse, Incantation, Bolt Thrower and many more our music sounds like this. There is no way to create something completly new but You always have to try not to copy, to put your soul in music you make.



7.It’s pretty obvious that Kingdom is brainchild,vision, both of you… and several members have come and gone over the years. Would you mind telling us a little bit about the reasons why it didn’t work out with some of them? Have you also lost any members that you would’ve loved to work with in the long run maybe?

Mainly private problems, other music vision and of course lack of time.



8.What’s happening now to the old Kingdom members? Are you still in touch with them? Are they still into Metal? At what age did you discover Metal and what are your favorite bands or the bands that inspired you to involve yourself more into this music?


Thouse who once played and left the band are not into metal, SBCH is still around Kingdom. I don’t have contact with others so I don’t know what they are doing.



9.Kingdom musical roots can be found mainly in good old, early 90’s Death Metal, so which bands did impress you the most from that period?Did you grew up on that first wave of Death Metal, with all its classic demo releases, the tapetrading period and xeroxed underground zines? Have you been collecting any stuff from that period or was it more the albums of those bands that pretty much changed your life?


Like I said earlier MA, AC, BT, Incantation, Sinister influenced us but not only. Now i don’t listen to new music, sometimes someone send me a band that is worth listening, but I mainly listen to old stuff. So the collection is not big, mostly vinyls.



10.It seems that there are two kinds of Death Metal nowadays. On the one hand, you have the new Death Metal with a lot of Hardcore touches, and musicians in baggy pants, looking like hip hopers, and on the other hand you have the „leather and spikes” Death Metal, sometimes with some Black Metal influences. What do you think about these two kinds of Death Metal? Don’t you think that the only good Death Metal bands that make the movenment evolve in the right way are bands like SADISTIC INTENT, PENTACLE, GORGUTS, INCANTATION, IMMOLATION, REPUGNANT, HEADHUNTER D.C….?

Fuck them. Not only they play shit music but they look and act like cunts. You see fagots with ear tunels, hairs like someone just piss on them, tight trousers like about to explode. Look at guys from Immolation, they don’t need.



11.Let’s talk about Kingdom debut studio outing, „Unholy Graveyard”, which came out on Time Before Time at the end of 2008. Now that you have some distance from that record are you 100% happy with it or did it turn out exactly the way you planned? What’s your personal verdict on „Unholy Graveyard”?Tell us something about the challenges and trials you faced being an independent band in an oversaturated scene, trying to establish a name and reputation for itself? Was it difficult getting booked for shows, etc?


I think in that time we recorded the best we could. From the distance of time i can say that the album is good but also we tried to find our own path. It was the first step and I rate it 70/100. We were younger and didn’t care if some label will release us. We just wanted to show our fury, hate to all the world. We send promo to TBT and Tom said that he want’s to release it in his label.



12.You released one demo mentioned already „Horned God” and split „Altar of the Old Skulls” shared with Deathevokation an Mandatory during those early years before debut full lenght „Unholy Graveyard”. Could you give us a brief overview of the highpoints, lowpoints and challenges you faced during these early days? What do you recall from the earlier days of the Polish scene – were there any events or happenings that stand out in your memory?

Well to be honest I don’t remeber, so I think nothing special happend then. For me this demo have only weak points, but it was the first thing in our discography so I have respect to it. Mandatory was the best band on that split I really liked their part great riffs, feeling, nice death metal.



13.Five long years have sent to wait for your next album „Morbid Priest of Supreme Blasphemy” with only one release between a EP called „Temple of Death” from 2011.For the recording of the „Morbid Priest of Supreme Blasphemy” you holed up with Warzyk in using your words in Kingdom’s cellar.Besides being a creatively inspiring surrounding, what led you to record at those facilities? How were the reactions from press and fans to this record.Also Kingdom release this album under new label Hellthrasher Productions…


MPoSB is the first album that I am truly satisfied with. It has dark, thick atmosphere, thats the way Kingdom will follow. It was recorder in our cellar, that means our reh room with no modern technology rather primitive recording proces. Becouse TBT was dead we send promo to HellTrasher and we hit the mark. Bart responded that he wants us in his label and we agreed.



14.Ok, all of that brings us to the band’s current release „Sepulchral Psalms from the Abyss of Torment”. For this record you worked with Mateu-Sz how together with Kingdom is responsible for all mixing and mastering.Compared the earlier sessions of previous albums what made Mateu-Sz the more obvious choice for this project?

Mateusz was the only, the best choice. I hope that we can work with him in the future. He is the right guy in the right place. He listen, don’t fucks in what we do, and all that we want he makes. There is no comparision to earlier producers.



15.There’s really a lot going on in the tracks of this new record. While a lot of young bands focus all their power in being the most brutal possible, a lot of them forget to write actual songs that have recognizable hooks and memorable arrangements. These songs stick with the listener after the album has ended. Kingdom doesn’t have this problem at all, I love the way the songs come first, and if they are brutal and/or technical second, that’s an additional bonus. What your idea on that?

I can only agree with You, that is all my coment, I have the same opinion



16.There are two things that I absolutely love about this record. First, the production is crunchy, organic and the bass guitar can be heard clearly. Second, there’s a number of intricate guitar leads/solos on a few cuts. Both these things are something that a lot of death metal bands forgot or refrained from doing in the early 2000’s, burying the bass so deep in the mix and not playing any leads/solos. For me they are a vital part of the death metal sound, what’s your opinion on that?

For me the bass line is very important, it gives extra grinding force to music. On this album we have new bassist STH, really good experienced musician. Also the solos and melody is a part of death metal, but it must be limited to necessary number if you don’t want to make it a pussy melodic daeth metal



17.One of the downsides of the new record is that it is just above 30 minutes long. In its sheer intensity and combination of masterful composition with pulverizing brutality, it does however manage to draw comparisons to lets say Deicide’s classic „Legion”. What’s your opinion on album length and such?

Such a heavy, powerful style like death metal can be really boring and tiring if it last to long, so if it comes about Kingdom next albums also will last less more 30 min. It’s better to come back to the album becouse you fell that you want to listen to it again than fell excess of it



18.This is your first record for Polish label Godz ov War Productions, who have truly established themselves as a reliable Underground Metal label. With physical record sales falling lower each year, small and mid=sized labels declaring bankruptcy and the general disarray in the music – and touring industry, what about Godz ov War Productions make them an excellent business partner?


I think that Greg is the main reason why this label works so good. He „lives” in underground, has many contacts and what is most important he’s honest and hard-working. We never had such a promotion, even before the material was released. I hope that we can work in the future with other albums that we record



19.I suppose you are trying to do as many national-regional shows as possible in support of „Sepulchral Psalms from the Abyss of Torment”. Good luck with that, is there a slim chance of seeing you guys in Poland or Europe, either in a club tour or festivals, in the nearby future?

Kingdom never was and never will be a live-concert band. We played 2 concerts this year and maybe one more at the end of the year. Soi t will be hard to see us in Poland and rather imossible to see us somewhere in Europe. But like they say never say never.



20.Poland might be the country to produce the biggest quantity of paper zines and web-zines dealing with underground metal… Do you like such kind of obscure/ necro publications, or do you prefer other ways of communication? Maybe someone in Kingdom also contribute to an ugly fanzine? (Or maybe a webzine?)

Yes I really like this kind of publications, now I don’t have time to know all the new zines, but when I get my hands on one a read it very quickly. SBCH makes Cyrograf Zine, also Infernal Death zine, Worship Him zine are worth mention.



21.Few years ago, the polish Death metal scene was very active, many metallers even clearly identified a polish Death metal sound, and we used to see many albums released… But this phenomenon seems to have calmed down… There might be fewer bands… Am I right, or is it a false idea I might have because of Internet’s never-ending changes? (After all there might be as much bands, but they might have more problems to reach us, the putrid listeners… What a paradoxical situation since Internet is meant to make everything so much easier…). So are there fewer, as much, or less bands? Are there some that kill, and some you could advice to my filth readers? Do you like Internet or do you break and burn computers every week end?

I cann’t tell You how it looks becouse like I said earlier I’m not in the scene very much. There are many great bands that were playing and still makes morbid fuckin music – Stillborn, Anima Damnata, Christ Agony, Throneum. Of course every year new bands release something and in many cases they are really good albums but I don’t follow them much.



22.What does Death metal mean for you? Can Death metal be good if it’s too based on brutality or doesn’t contain enough of it? (After all, even the most old school Death metal bands contain some brutality, otherwise it would be only a flat and devoid of rhythm dark atmosphere of some kind). Do you like other kinds of music than „Pure fucking death” or do you hardly open your hears to anything much different from thrash and maybe heavy metal?

No, I listen to many kind of metal music, sometimes becouse of sentyment I listen to things that have nothing in common with death metal – Tiamat(Wildhoney), Type O’Negative. Also stoner, doom, black metal and everything else that I feel good when I hear it. But if it comes to making music it’s only death metal but not only full of brutal force becouse for me the most important is atmosphere, sick, rotting, dark atmosphere.



23.Tell us about the subjects your lyrics deal with. Why didn’t you choose Polish as a language, maybe because it might be hard to make it sound right in Polish or because you want foreign listeners to understand your message? I know some old Polish death fanatics would love to hear a band of this kind sing in Polish, I’m sure it would sound even more cult and necro in their hears ahah…”Kaplica Ducha Zgniłego”is the best example… But would it be something right to do?


On every album, demo we have a track in polish. I don’t know if on other albums there will be more but for sure there will be minimum one. Polish language is very hard to sing and polish fans are very demanding if it comes to polish lyrics so this is very hard work.



24.Poland has brought forth its share of impressive death metal acts.As a member of this scene, how would you describe it someone from the outside looking in? Is there much camaraderie and interpersonal support amongst the bands and the community key figures?

Again I have to say that I’m not in the scene much, there are people that are very good friends but also some that should fuck off but the same thing is in every scene i every country.



25. I think we have reached the end of this interview, so I want to thank you both for your time to do this interview. May Kingdom path be full of pleasing rewards in the coming months. Any closing comments to conclude this interview session properly…

Thanks for interwiew, hope to hear in future