Labyrinth Entrance – „Monumental Bitterness”
Godz ov War Productions

Labyrinth Entrance is a solo project of Hunger who some of you may be familiar for his work in Stillborn and Horror of Naatu.Impressed was the first emotion I’ve felt after listening to „Monumental Bitterness”.It borders perfection in terms of recording and content. The epic theme (inspiration for „Monumental Bitterness” is Dante Alighieri poem „The Divine Comedy” ) is combined to the music beautifully. I do enjoy this album for the blasting and arcane black metal (it remains true to the genre’s standard) but the slower, more melodic elements do add another dimension to the package.”Monumental Bitterness” will definitely send shivers down your spine with majestic parts and relentless tremolos. Everything blends in so well and the songs are refreshing. Here the modern sounds meets Death and Black Metal riffing, with modern sounding melodies and dark brutality.
Each song is greatly different than the next, there are melodic pieces, ultra heavy blasting and tightly controlled aggressiveness,I won’t bother to go through song by song, or try and pick any stand out tracks because every song is deadly.To write about the music is really useless, it is so unique. It possesses sheer heaviness through the use of its atmosphere and control. With a production that is enjoyable unpolished, yet still sharp and defined, assisting matters no end, the album is a supremely in-depth and rich experience.
Make no mistake, as a pure extreme metal album,”Monumental Bitterness” is powerful all in its own right,compositions that have masterfully retained an innate sense for heaviness; blast beats, grooving headbang-worthy passages and some purely superb riffs are all here. The masterstroke of „Monumental Bitterness” in short is that it is an album that engages openly and expertly in a myriad of ideas and concepts, while still remaining in possession of a forceful drive that just begs a listener to start a bout of pit-based violence to it.
„Monumental Bitterness” is pretty close to darkest music I´ve heard for a very long time.Artwork done by Maciej Kamuda is great like always, full of good ideas and a particular taste.
Labyrinth Entrance have bridged a gap between old-school black metal and modern way of this genre with sublime ease here. „Monumental Bitterness” is an album of extraordinary maturity and depth of thought, and yet it will still appeal unendingly to those out for a purely heavy modern black metal album.