Lykhaeon – „Ominous Eradication of Anguished Souls”
Godz ov War Productions


Cavernous black/death metal bands are about a dime a dozen these days with a plethora of them coming out of the woodwork in the last few years. It is easy to dismiss Lykhaeon as just another one of these and not give them a chance.Lykhaeon brand of blackened psychotic death metal is drenched in a thick atmosphere of hellish sludge. Vocals range from distorted growls to pained blackened screams that echo through the thick dissonant mud of the guitars. The thick dissonant riffs swirl around similar in style to Incantation with a heavy dosage of Immolation and often at a slow doom-like pace. The leads are often eerie, similar to many early 90s Finnish bands keeping the listener squirming in discomfort. Other times the riffs spout bursts of very discordant and chaotic chords in Antediluvian style.
Musically this album is oppressive, damn bloody oppressive; the guitars play suffocating black tinged death metal riffs with a heavy focus on dissonance and atonality which adds an aura of general uncomfortable feeling to the album on top of the already mentioned oppressive atmosphere.There is nothing warm at all about this release and everything flows together to maintain a hellish atmosphere.Slow, doomy sections occasionally break the surface, struggle, then drown beneath the churning surface. Something like this could easily have been entirely devoid of structure, but the discerning listener will discover a rich vein of distinct riff patterns and drum lines beneath the chaos.The doom segments are executed quite effectively here, which no doubt adds to the already massive and weighty feel of the album.
This album’s combination of overwhelming atmosphere and hidden complexity is exceptional; both are in full flourish here, yet neither subtracts from the other. This album is a constant challenge — mesmerizing and hypnotic one moment, mind-blowingly complicated the next — and thus rewards multiple listens like no other.Another fine release from the ever reputable Godz ov War Productions.