1.First of all a huge congratulation for what you’ve done on „Sunlight”! Since I haven’t yet opportunity to hear your previous releases would you like to say a few words about the former ones.Can you compare the aforementioned materials to the current one „Sunlight”? Have any particular musical changes occurred to you lately?

There was a four year gap between our first record and our current one, but most of the songs on both were written in the same year. We started recording Sunlight in 2011, but didn’t finish until 2014 as the band went on hiatus for some time. The only real difference in the newer material is a movement away from traditional black metal sounds, and more towards modern influences.

2.Is your line-up a stable one right now? Can you agree with my viewpoint that a regular and constant line-up is a weighty thing if you want to create music, ’cause the spirit of a team is at times more important than individual leading?

We’ve had a couple of line-up changes in recent years, but for the most part we’ve been pretty stable. Our current group hasn’t written together as of yet

3.Listening to such music like yours one thing is obvious. I mean… black metal has been turning from music with Satanic Propaganda into Music, really. Whatever one says black metal is not a childish fiddling music any longer…

We’ve certainly moved away from the black metal sound and leaned more towards other influences. That being said, it’s still at the core of our sound – even if it’s hidden beneath layers of keyboards and clean vocals.

4.The production of „Sunlight” is excellent, no contest! The keyboard is heard on record very often but it’s not overwhelming? Do you try to keep a right equilibrium between these components of music of yours?

The keyboard sounds are massively important to us and we see them as being equal to the guitar parts. It’s probably the main thing that sets us apart from most other metal bands.

5.You are said to be a black metal band. It’s true, but I think Maelstrom has a lot more to offer.How do you perceive an evolution of your style since the release of your previous materials? How do you look upon it?

Again, we started out as a black metal band, but have gradually moved on from it. It’s something we love, but don’t necessarily identify with anymore. We wouldn’t even describe ourselves as a black metal band. It’s something we’ve been tagged with and seems to have stuck with us.

6.Who’s actually responsible for the music on „Sunlight”, and does this change at times?It’s more of team work or individual ideas?

Two individuls begin with riffs and lyrics, the the rest of the band bring it to life.

7.Is a message a weighty thing as far as Maelstrom is concerned? I mean, is this just a story to tell or maybe something profounder in its significance?
It is that lyrics play a substantial role in the atmosphere the band creates?

Each song has it’s own theme, but there is no single message we’re looking to convey as a band.

8.Did the album turn out as you initially thought it would?Pick a song or two from the new album that you feel are the best examples of what Maelstrom is trying to do with their sound. Explain what it is about the songs that make you feel that way.

„Midnight” and „Forever Lost” are the two best examples of where we’re headed musically. One fast and one slow. Contrast is important in music, especially when playing live. The greatest band knows how to slow things down, but still keep the audience on their toes.

9.What’s your take on the record now that it is completed and released? Anything specific that you guys picked up in retrospect and are using to put together and improve the new material?

Again, it’s important for songs to translate well in a live environment. All our new material will be written for live performance, and hopefully that will translate well onto a record.

10.I guess the inevitable question to follow that would be what direction you’re planning on taking musically with the next record?

We’re always looking to „trim the fat” when it comes to writing. Shorter songs that get to the point straight away.

11.How about the gigs? Do you play any now and then, here and there…What can we expect from Maelstrom over the next year.

We have several festivals in England and Wales throughout 2015. We also hope to release a new EP in that time.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. The final word is all yours.