Maldoror – „In Saturn Mystique”
Rude Awakening Records
Limited CD edition reissue
300 Copies

MALDOROR from Turin (Italy) will be the third band to be released on Rude Awakening Records: specifically, the label goes on with its work of rare and out of print reissues with the full length “In Saturn Mystique”(originally released in 2000 by Northern Darkness Records) , second and last record of the cult Black Metal band under this monicker(in 2001 they changed name on Thee Maldoror Kollective).
Second opus from this Italian psychos have a cult status and for this metalheads who never heard them before I will try explain why.Just put the CD in the tray,push the „play” button and start seeking shelter to your psycho medication to survive from this blast.From the very first moments Maldoror make clear that will not follow any of the known musical directions,challenging those who are keen on labeling bands to characterise them.Within the chaotic, schizophrenic mixture of black metal guitars, strange piano passages, eerie sound bites, audible tricks and treats and techno beats is a well thought out formula of calculated chaos. At any given time you can’t be sure what’s going to hit you, a fast blast beat with layers upon layers of sound loops and samples, a techno based rhythmic groove,the non-monotonous song structures keep you guessing on what’s around the corner.One song goes through more structures than most bands go through in a whole album.But, don’t start to think that this isn’t a black metal album, because when the black metal element gets to work it’s obliterating. Through the ascending and descending spacey keyboards, strange sound effects and trance like beats, there’s actually some pretty heavy thrashing black metal to be found.”In Saturn Mystique” is a really great album, which fuses black metal and industrial together seamlessly. What creates the industrial feel of this album would definitely be the guitars. They sound like they have a small amount of distortion, yet feel very raw as well. It’s quite hard to explain properly, but they have quite a “cold” sound to them, if that makes any sense at all. Needless to say, it fits well into the style of music played.
This records is definitely not for occasional listens, for if you don’t concentrate on it it will leave you with nothing to remember or enjoy. It’s also a grower, and demandas several listenings before you can decide if you love it or hate it. My opinion is pretty clear; I’d just suggest you to proceed with care but definitely check it out: whatever your final impressions might be.So there it is. Most of the songs don’t reach any great speeds, but they don’t have to. The song structures are good enough to carry each song through without being boring or contrived. This is truly a shining light in black metal, and metal in general. A definite, timeless winner.