Mazikeen – „Mazikeen”
Iron, Blood and Death Corporation

Mazikeen is Australian atmospheric black metal present their first release under self tittled EP, 8 track of impious and dark black metal released digitaly by band on June and now thanks to courtesy of Antonio from mighty Iron, Blood and Death Corporation on disc format.
What you have here is a symphonic black metal album. The keyboards have some nice flourishes occasionally, but the main focus of “Mazikeen” are the fast guitar strumming of the guitars and the blast-beat of the drums.The riffs are all pretty good despite being relatively simple in composition – oftentimes they’re bounding, epic-sounding waves of tremolo chords with the occasional grittier, more chaotic layer of fluttering melody falling into place on top.From mid paced to fast, the band has an impressive but subtle diversity, the songwriting has the ability to have such a clear direction that the album feels like a massive, united brick thrown in your face.The guitars are done very well, a lot of aggression, and in some places a nice distorted melody is played over the rest of the music. The drums aren’t all blast-beats, but that style is very prevalent on this album. There are occasional sections where the drums slow down to add an overall slower feeling to the music.There are occasional flourishes of keyboard work that tend to slow the music down and add a little more depth to the work. The main style for the keyboard is that haunting, gothic, chapel sounding style that many symphonic black metal bands have been using lately. The keyboards do have some interesting facets, especially when they take a more classical approach.
This is not the most groundbreaking (read: it doesn’t break any new ground) album, but it has some cool ideas and concepts. The style they play has an air of familiarity. The songs are not ripped off and not rehashed; it’s just difficult to be a standout in such a crowded field. This album is a good representative of what symphonic black metal is all about and also good representative of Mazikeen to the Metal Underground.