Misanthropic Rage – „Igne Natura Renovatur Integra”
Godz ov War Productions

„Igne Natura Renovatur Integra” is the new album by the Polish black metal band Misanthropic Rage, and it’s scheduled for release by Godz Ov War on March 12th.This is the second full-lenght by Misanthropic Rage and it is definitively for sure, one of the most powerful black metal albums released in the 2018 so far.
The songs are complex, being ultra-fast most of time but also having numerous tempo changes. You will never have a rest in here! It is impossible not to get impressed with the work of drummer/multi-instrumentalist W. His sense of extremism is outrageous and his precision is psychotic (more people should take notice of his skills behind a drum kit).The atmosphere which emanates from the songs is impressive. Misanthropic Rage ability in creating claustrophobic ambience is supreme and the whole album passes this impression of „chaos under control”. Guitar riffs are aggressive and played with anger. W., in order to generate the forementioned chaos, offers insane dissonant chords all the time.But these riffs are as dissonant as they are functional and the transition from the pure sonic onslaught to the more melodic parts is very well done.The raging blizzard they have mustered with their complex and somewhat progressive riffs is the testament of a band on top of their game displaying total control over pretty much everything they do.Guitars sound absolutely decapitating; razor sharp waves of dissonance wash over the listener to the rhythm of racing and crushingly syncopated drums. The attention to rhythm seen on this album is a huge part of its success (hear death metal influences). Guitars fire out a fairly short, tremolo picked melody while drums maintain intensity – then, as if realing it back in, drums syncopate and guitars finish off the melody before recycling or moving to the next phase. Bas also delivers some great work as well, playing creative bass lines which have personality enough to follow ways of their own, not staying in the guitars shade all the time. AR. vocals are even more venomous than before but they still have their characteristic bite, and his words are still clearly understandable. There’s more attention to detail than to vulgar hooks and flair.Musically these guys are once again hovering around brilliant, with far more virtuosity than black metal is given credit for.With very interesting artwork provided by Maciej Kamuda,Misanthropic Rage continue to offer the full package.
As far as quality goes Misanthropic Rage have got it nailed down with great accuracy. Their musical skills are seemingly flawless, and the production is leaps and bounds ahead of many of their European counterparts.Misanthropic Rage are a lot better than most of the distorted crap you’re going to lend your ears to during the course of this year.Do yourself a favor and buy this great album.That’s black fucking metal in its purest and strongest form!