Miserist – „Miserist”
Krucyator Productions

Miserist is an Experimental Black/Death project from Australia that previously released a demo under the name of Headwar but aside from this at present very little is known about the band as the man behind the project is anonymous. Krucyator Productions will release ‘Miserist’ a Death/Industrial hybrid on CD and digital formats on the 13th of February.
In a time where Black and Death Metal is either violent and chaotic, pompous and epic, or sinister and atmospheric, many bands are constrained by the already stone-carved rites of passage the genre presents. Only a very select few are able to transcend this creative barrier, surpassing any need and possibility of classification and categorization and Miserist is for sure one of them.After being subjected to a dark and brooding ambient intro, the opener „Skin,Mold & Flame” suddenly erupts into some strange and irregular drum-patterns. Then, without any warning at all, it throws itself into a storm of more traditionally Death Metal, brutal, evil and hateful. Suddenly, it morphs into an Industrial part, then more mayhem, then Dark Ambient again, and at last back to its Death Metal roots. All of this happens without following any apparent pattern whatsoever, and the unpredictability leaves me dumbfounded.The total chaos is continued into the title track, and by now the extremely avant-garde nature of the music is becoming unsettling. Experimental or not, this is the kind of organized chaos that either throws you entirely off the trail with its many twists and turns, or straps you in for one hell of a ride. For me it’s definitely the latter, and even though this frantic metamorphosis is stressful, it also has a decidedly strange addictive effect on the listener. I can’t pin-point why, but somehow I keep coming back to this sonic torment.The tracks on „Miserist” takes the listener down a dim and desolated hallway full of lurking apparitions, just waiting to reach out from the void and strangle you in their ghostly visages.You can never know whats waiting for you behind the corner. If you want to be able to memorize some melodies from the record you`ll have work your way through it several times.After a while the songs will open up and blossom.Suffice to say Miserist, continuing the journey into dimensions of dissonant and challenging deathmetal. To those yet to hear Miserist , that might conjure images of prog tendencies, but rest assured that the core influence on this music is Immolation-esque technical death metal, but played with a genuinely unique ethos and atmosphere….songs segue into harrowing darkambient moments, its a rare moment to find a riff which does not mutate or spin off into chaos.To give you a song-by-song review would be stupid here. The album, as a whole, must be experienced to really get the mood and atmosphere created by Miserist. If you jump from track to track, it really doesn’t make sense, you have to take it all in ,it’s just like jumping around on a concept album; you have no idea what the fuck is going on in the story. Overall, an amazing album and if the mood hits you just right ,you’ll be looking over your shoulder and anxiously tossing around in your seat like it’s the most uncomfortable thing you’ve ever sat in.