Obscura Amentia – „The Art of the Human Decadence”
Sliptrick Records

Obscura Amentia is Italian studio-band formed by Hel (female screamer and lyrics) and Black Charm (multi-instrumentalist).”The Art of the Human Decadence” is third full-length and It is so exciting to see that the true spirit of doom and black are kept alive in this blistering band. “The Art of the Human Decadence” are a collection of melancholic and sorrowful tunes that drag you deep into hell.
The songs are very well balanced and contain the right amount of emotion, thus making this not over-the-top in its approach. The production is crystal clear making it easy to distinguish between all the instruments meaning they all play a significant role in making the music what it is. The songs are generally long, but they’re not a struggle to get through. In actual fact, you’ll find that time really does fly after you listen to this recording. The songs are thoroughly enjoyable, even if Obscura Amentia are considered to be a „Depressive” act. Within the music you can very much feel that. It’s highly emotive, i believe the Hel vocals make the music more emotive than before and add a new dimension to the mood of the music. The guitars are steady and build the melody fantastically. The drums are consistent and affective. The speed of the music is important in creating it’s desired affect. Ranging from mid-paced to fast-paced. As touched on before, the music can often be quite „Depressing”, though quite uplifting at stages.Just like the attitude of many black metal fans, Obscura Amentia music is a big ‚fuck you’ to anyone who doesn’t feel raw negative emotions. Depression, loneliness and isolation from mankind.Feelings of solitude and isolation are conjured up. Feelings of love and happiness are immediately erased. The bass adds depth and is effective in enhancing the dark mood. The slow pace suits the every desire of Obscura Amentia. This is where the doom influence comes greatly in to play. Riffs played at walking speed, amidst venomous drums, pounding away in the distance like a march of war. Hypnotising, memorising and spellbinding. The guitars draw landscapes of pure depression in their play between lead parts and arpeggios.The depressive doom/black metal done by Obscura Amentia features incredibly sad, dark and inner devastating riffs; but the main goal is to create the most gloom music ever and they achieved the goal, a terrifying atmosphere of pure human decadence and loss and the intelligent use of some (few) keyboards makes the sound even colder.
Obscura Amentia is one of the best things that has happened to Underground Metal,Black Charm musicianship is flawless, the songs are perfectly constructed and there is no single weak spot here, if you are into dark metal and dark lyrics you will love this band and this release.Overall, if you are into doom or black-metal, with talent, melody and melancholy get this album.