Ordinul Negru – „Faustian Nights”
Loud Rage Music

I simply can’t believe this band is still a subject of such anonymity. After last three spectacular albums Ordinul Negru are obviously still emphatic on remaining a hidden underground treasure for most. On the other hand, this very fact creates a mystery around this Romenian band. I am not talking about the technical side of their music, as it still is black metal, but more about the feelings it conjures. Pure magic!
„Faustian Nights” stands as the most solid effort Ordinul Negru released so far. It is a continuation of their own musical style that was already present with their previous seven full-lenght releases. Eight fantastically coherent songs provide a glorious journey through the empire of emotional and sincere black metal. I mentioned the word sincere deliberately, as it really feels like Ordinul Negru know what they wanted to express with this album. They are not afraid to sound at times a bit mellow, blissful or euphoric. Most of their black metal colleagues tend to insist within boring grim and grayscale boundaries, while Ordinul Negru unveil a whole new specter of senses by combining fierce speed blasts, great black metal vocalization and fantastic guitar work, with etherial atmosphere and melody. It is hard to point out just particular songs, as the whole album feels so complete and, as mentioned above, so coherent. Their creativity has no limits and Fulmineos is a real genius to put all this dark symphony togethere.
Ordinul Negru has always been able to find a tremendous balance in their music. Their ability to deliver a raw, harsh blast beat style amid mid tempo segments and grandiose keyboard elements is truly outstanding. The guitar work of Fulmineos and Urmuz must be commended here also – their riffs are inventive and interesting, whilst their lead work dramatically accentuates the ‘epic’ quality of the bands sound.
Production-wise this album might sound a bit chaotic to black metal newbies, but in my opinion the sound suits the music perfectly and has that black metal mystery with a modern touch. There are so many layers working in unison on this – the result is one extremely powerful sound. Romanian underground metal scene can be proud of having Ordinul Negru!!!Great, great album!