Orthodoxy – „Shaarimoth”
Limited Edition – 500 Copies
Morbid Chapel Records

Orthodoxy are one of those bands who capture the spirit and aggression that was present in all the 80’s and early 90’s black/death metal bands like Blasphemy, Abhorer, Sarcofago, Incantation , Mystifier, Vulcano etc. perfectly.Some claim there is no originality within the genre, but I wholeheartedly disagree. There are admittedly some cringe-worthy acts out there, but once you dig a little deeper, and listen more attentively, you begin to hear how a lot of the bands incorporate their own elements into the general aesthetics that they all follow.
This demo’s got some really killer shit in it. The production is super-harsh and raw. It’s fucking diabolical. Perfect riffs that will burn your home and neighborhood church down.The playing is tight and the songs are really interesting – plenty of variation in the tempo and some sick riffs throughout. The riffing is exquisite and brutal, the bass is a low end force not to be reckoned with, and the drums are a malicious wall of noise.Really intense vocals that just rip your goddamn flesh off and drive nails into your skull. Put all this together and you have yourself some mighty fine bestial black/death.
Orthodoxy sound really EVIL and that’s what counts the most. Your head will be banging through every track as you scream along to some of their vile blasphemies and will play repeat button as soon as the last song is finished.
And what a great name – ORTHODOXY!!! Not exactly original, i know ,but sometimes the simpler the name the better. It has that nod to Beherit or Incantation and the ancient black/death metal cults of the past. Buy this demo it’s still available!!