Pestifer – „Execration Diatribes”
Lavadome Productions

Hailing from Portugal metropolis Oporto, Pestifer (Pestifer is Latin for Plaguebringer)are back to open the gates of hell once again. Founded in 2000, the band released one demo entitled “Brutal Eruption of Chaos”in 2009 so far. “Execration Diatribes” is Pestifer next step to reclaim the crown of the Portuguese underground scene. Proclaiming themselves as an old school satanic Death Metal outfit, these guys from North Portugal could be easily compared with relentless bands like Angelcorpse. Whereas the term “old school” simply doesn´t fit Pestifer style of music. The tracks on “Execration Diatribes” are bursting of high speed blasting, precise riffing in the vein of Exmortem or the already mentioned Angelcorpse and hate-filled lyrics about Anti-Christianity, death and war. But there are also blackened elements in Pestifer sound, which boost the blasphemous prevailing mood up to the limit. No intros or unnecessary gimmicks – this one´s brutal to the core and will shred its way though your skull right from the beginning. This is an impressive demonstration of how non-trendy Satanic Death Metal should be played and it´s furthermore an interesting snapshot of the Portuguese scene, which is far too often reduced to its biggest export articles Moonspell and Heavenwood. Pestifer is the living proof – Portugal is one of the leading territories when it comes to extreme Metal acts just to name a few first names in a row like Adverso , Candelabrum or Scarificare . The sound quality reminds me of real underground productions(don´t get me wrong: this isn´t a crappy cellar recording, but an adequate quality, which is gruff, yet perfect for this kind of music. 9 songs with a total playing time of about 39 minutes are enough to leave a lasting impact and an excellent general impression).The crude and almost open-air style sound sets an interesting ambient for the unleashed brutality of the album. I think the production was purposely made to sound like that, and I think that it was a good idea. Pestifer is all about primitive hatred and ancient evil, and what better way to excentuate that then with a raw production. Most bands that use crude production sound either boring or terrible (not in a good way), and Pestifer really pulls it off. I believe that the production helps the sound that Pestifer is trying to expell, and opens up a new perspective of raw death metal.Overall, “Execration Diatribes” surprised me pretty much and I´m sure every true underground Death and Black Metal supporter will agree. Horns up!