Pikodeath – „Insane”
Defense Records

This Liberec thrash metal band came together in 1998. The founding members were Josef Vich (Pepino) (guitar), Eduard Bílkovský (drums), Michal Apparent (Tazman) (vocals) and Petr Rericha (Vetchý) (bass). Pikodeath played pure Thrash Metal, but thanks to Tazz’s marbles, they were more known for thrash-death. Then there were more changes in composition and music style was rather grind-core. In 2011, Loppi (German singer) came to the band and Pikodeath became an international band.
Pikodeath and their second album „Insane” are straightforward, generic brutal death metal, with the standard cliches thrown in. Grotesque artwork, blood and gore lyrics, guttural vocals, and lots of blast beats and shredding on the guitar.The crystal clear production allows the bass to be heard with ease within the constricting mix of the guitars and vigorously pounds sound into the empty cracks of each song. Occasionally, you can really hear some amazing bass work when it’s got time to emerge from following the foundational riffs and shows itself off a little bit with the speed of a machine gun. Structurally, the songs are a train wreck with recursive guitar riffs, but since this is brutal death metal, I don’t think many people are going to care about perfect formation. Chances are, if you listen to brutal death metal, you aren’t looking for something revolutionary, anyways. More than likely, most brutal death metal bands aren’t out to transcend anything; most are just there to have fun, and this album is no exception to the aforementioned claim.”Insane” that has an intensity that does not let up, even when the music slows down a couple of notches from the full-blown speedfest.
The songs are as addictive as they are pulverizing. Overall, this is a fantastic death/thrash album that every metal-head should have in their collection. Those who prefer to have a polished production, or grandiose songwriting should avoid this. Those who enjoy ugly and gritty extreme metal should listen.As catchy as they are vicious and it’s brilliant! Do yourself a favor, track this down, you must own this record! Absolutely perfect violent, rancorous metal!