Prezir – „As Rats Devour Lions”
Godz ov War Productions

Only so much can be understood about such excellent albums as this through the words that would-be reviewers choose to describe them with…so before I continue, honestly, BUY THIS! If you’re a black metal fan, you definately won’t regret it.
Prezir is a band that perfectly combines elements of black metal with ethnic influences. Listening to the cd the first time, I knew this band had massive potential.The most amazing part of „As Rats Devour Lions” is the fact that Prezir creates such a unique atmosphere without sacrificing tenacity. Instead of using a plethora of instruments to create their „Contempt” sound (Prezir or Презир is Serbo-Croatian for „contempt”), the band relies on solid, creative riffs that leave you awestruck. They’re not the most technical Black Metal band out there, but they do have solid musicianship and shows that they are shooting for a unique sound. They do achieve a unique sound, trust me.
For once, the production is entirely perfect. The mix is perfectly balanced, everything in it’s correct place. As far as sound quality of the „As Rats Devour Lions” goes, album is a superb offer. The guitars are crisp and clean, punctuated by the drums. In addition to the guitars, the vocals are also very good, with a raspy, shrill tone. The riffs slice like knives, propelled by the wall of percussion behind them, and Prezir Luka Đorđević raspy vocals are placed perfectly in the mix. The dynamics are perfect as well – it’s not all a constant pummeling, although the majority of it is. There are slower passages here and there, however, with meandering Balkan noodling or haunting clean guitar to give the listener breathing room and help contribute to the extreme-folk feel the whole album carries. The aforementioned raspy screams are superb, as are the clean, chanting vocals that make occasional appearances.
As previously mentioned, one could complain that too many of the songs sound similar, and many of them do, but for once that doesn’t bother me. The album flows smoothly from song to song, the intensity builds and wanes and builds again, and then you’re knocked on your ass by a passage as brutal as anything you’ve ever heard, then it ebbs again. Through it all, aided by the folk melodies of the riffs, leads, and interludes, runs the sinister and Balkan atmosphere mentioned above.
This album reeks of professionalism, seriousness, and talent in every way imaginable. As mentioned before, even a cursory glance at the booklet will reveal a mine of information, both through the contemplative and intelligently written lyrics and through the quotations and glossary provided therein that describe and outline the cultural/linguistic terms being used. The gritty visual themes, quaint band photos and overall presentation complete a package that is already impressive, before you listen to them!Highly, highly recommended, very few bands have been able to blow me away as hard as this has upon first listen and then subsequently stay amazing for an extended period of time. Buy or die.