R.O.D. – „#SocietyKill”
Defense Records / Mythrone Promotion
Limited Edition – 500 Copies

I’ve had this album for quite some time and everytime I hear it I am impressed with the album.There is so much going on here.This album is sonic venom, filled with hate and anger, ultra heavy, violent metal that keeps the melody to a minimum so that it may punish your ears more effectively.”#SocietyKill” is a great album. It has pretty much everything any fan of Metal would enjoy and for those who don’t know what that is: 1)intense drumming 2)thrashy riffs 3)powerful vocals…From the album opener ”March or Die” you’re just assaulted with thrash breaks, drop grooves, pounding double kick and passionate vocals. Don’t expect to feel any emotions from this record other than adrenaline fuled anger, as this bands primary concern is expressing their anger..”#SocietyKill” is strong, every song a headbanging masterpiece. Each one is packed full of decent thrash riffs, never descending into filler; subsequently, the whole album is one to whack on and listen to all the way through. A couple of tracks that stood out for me in particular were „Red Scum”and „What the Fuck”: the riffs in those two songs caught my attention with their head-nodding catchiness.Wafel voice is as strong and commanding as he snarls like a pissed off Doberman on the instant neck-snapper “Full of Lies”. Wafel lyrical banter is excessively political as he makes damn sure that he is getting his point across on this record. Without a doubt this is some of the most intense and heavy sounding thrash metal I have heard in Polish Underground. Many of the riffs are absolutely awesome sounding when they are played at full speed. Speaking of full speed, it is often when R.O.D. plays at full speed do they sound most cohesive and together as opposed to slowing down to get into a rhythm. The guitar tone of Szlucher and Gumiś adds a ton to the sound, for instead of going for the typical „wall of sound” style of guitar tone the guitar tone bites at you like a great white shark. Throw that in with the punishing drum work of Przemo and the always moving forward bass of Jesus and this music sounds just plain heavy.
In spite of all of this, the guitar tone and technique, vocal venom and intense thrashy drumming give a sense of unity to the whole affair that results in none of the songs sounding out of place. This is one hell of an impressive album and leaves me drooling in anticipation for its sequel.