Red Harvest – „HyBreed” (20th anniversary Re-edition)2017
Cold DarkMatter Records
Double CD Version

„Hybreed” celebrate its 20th anniversary.This double CD version is remastered by Cyrille Gachet (Year of No Light, The Great Old Ones, Bagarre Générale) at Dick Doom Studio. On the second CD, on a special edition is live bonus recorded during the BlastFest 2016 at Bergen which was a was the ressurection gig of Red Harvest,Norwegian outsider in the industrial music scene of the 90’s. Red Harvest have been known to repeatedly update their logo, evolve it, and visually represent the constant evolution in their music and also their fondness of liking to surprise people. Musically, Red Harvest has been quite unpredictable.

Therefore, a great respect for the Damien from Cold DarkMatter Records who brought back the album for us again!Cold DarkMatter Records is a french record label specialized in Ambient, industrial, death/doom/black/drone and chaotic music. The label was created to put out dark music in total freedom, and more importantly, without compromises. For these reasons, Cold Dark Matter Records only produce records in small quantities and limited editions destined for the few who enjoy experimental sounds.And if someone spot on correctly the name of label is taken from Red Harvest album „Cold Dark Matter” released in 2000.

Wrigh introdution is over let’s go back to „HyBreed”!What we have here, basically, is what would happened if we were to mix Killing Joke epic guitar with a very electronic, experimental industrial metal, namely Godflesh’s with touch of sludge atmospheric of Neurosis. In this particular case the musical spectrum leans slightly more towards the Godflesh side, although every chuggy and monochromatic guitar riff has the latter melancholic Type O Negative trademark all over it.The music is progressive industrial metal with a big dose of ambience. It’s a dark, oppressive nearly 80 minutes monster, with frantic tribal drumming, brilliant and disturbing noise, and pounding, primal guitars. The guitars don’t do a whole lot of different riffs, but they never get repetitive or boring. Great executed vocals delivered by Jimmy „Ofu Khan” Ivan Bergsten, the brilliant rythym section and the crushing guitars add up to an experience that could best be described as overwhelming.Everything is perfectly in its place in this album. The guitars are chunky, a little bit muddy, but they are always playing the perfect thing. The Red Harvest rythym section is very dynamic, and never sounds out of place. The bass is content to fill the bottom end in, never really standing out, but the drumming really adds to this album, with the tribal, tom-heavy beats making each song better.The lyrics are all very well written, fairly opaque and abstract.I’m sure I could spend a lot of time trying to understand these lyrics, but with this kind of music, proper understanding is impossible. You’re not really meant to completely understand this music; you’re meant to surrender to it’s awe inspiring power. Just writing this review is making me think of how far Red Harvest has come with their sound, starting with the avant-garde thrash metal , then turning into one of the pioneering bands of industrial music… and up to this point, a band playing innovative and original metal which is now classic.Let’s face it, they are supposedly a pioneering industrial act which made a marriage of metal style riffing, aggressive drumming, and of course tons of drone and industrial landscapes into the metal realm.And yet they are completely indefinable – one of their best traits. They are able to seamlessly blend together every type of music into a chaotic, melodic, crushing, and heart-stopping mixture that can confuse and startle even the most seasoned metalheads.Yet even at 80 minutes, the album neither drags nor bores. These are guys who truly, passionately care about their music – “real” musicians, if you will. Four of the songs exceed nearly ten minutes, and yet they always leave you wanting them to be ten minutes longer. If my message has somehow been lost, I’ll be very clear: This is an incredible album.As much praise as I could pour out for these guys would never be able to do them anywhere close to enough justice. Nor could I possibly (or properly) encompass the vast range of emotions captured in this musical offering. All I can say is this: After you finish this review, get up, grab your coat, keys, and wallet and go buy this album from Cold DarkMatter Records.