Reinfection – „Breeding Hate”
Deformeathing Production

Brutal death/gore/grind masters are coming back with their new full-length album. This album proves that Poland’s Reinfection still have it in them after such a period of time to create some of the catchiest, kickass grind ever. This album is no exception to their formula for extremely fast and technically proficient goregrind.Fast, furious and sick cocktail called „Breeding Hate” contains 9 brand new tracks of brutal and merciless massacre and throughout this time, Reinfection have managed to cram some of the craziest shit ever onto one album.
„Conflict of Interest” starts new Reinfection album and kicks in full speed,setting the pace for the Reinfection side to rip your face off. Insane blast beast and chunky fast riffs. The vocals are extremely brutal and make you just want to pound something to dust with a blunt object. Lots of disgusting harmonized vocals and screaming to accompany the blasting carnage. The bass on this album is audible in some songs, and adds a bit to the signature Reinfection groove we came to know and love on their debut full-length „They Die for Nothing”.
Music like this is really makes or breaks by its aesthetic and not much else, and Reinfection has the aesthetic pretty much perfected. The music is awesomely brutal and extremely fast, though not really going into absurdist noisecore territory. The riffs are always discernible and usually quite catchy, and the instrumental performances are all very tight, or as tight as they can be while playing this sort of music. To call this definitive grindcore would not be a misnomer, as it fulfills really all of the genre’s descriptive elements but never feels particularly trite. Maybe it’s the apocalyptic atmosphere, or perhaps they’re more brutal and faster than other grindcore bands.
The part of the „Breeding Hate” that stuck to me the most was the drumming a guitar work. It is very different from the usual Grind style that includes mostly playing really fast and then randomly going into a slow ass breakdown. No, these guys play fast and precise and do not let up until you are screaming for help.
Now I’d have to say most of the songs „Breeding Hate” sound alike, and that might put off some people, but there is just enough pure fucking grind here to blow most fans of brutal death, etc. out of the water.Totally great grind from these guys, as always.It is a grindcore album and possesses no qualities to make a non-grind fan enjoy it above any other band in the style, but those who enjoy it at all would probably be advised to look here, since Reinfection is in the upper echelon as far as execution if not originality.