Reinfection – „They Die For Nothing”
Deformeathing Production

Re-edition of the REINFECTION’s cult debut album released by the Deformeathing Production.In the re-edition, original tracks, recorded in Izabelin Studio, are presented in their original form. No re-mastering nor sound processing were applied. Ultra brutal death/gore/grind in its purest form!
This album is probably the best grindcore album ever made in Polish underground. The vocals, the guitars, the low-end, the drums… everything is perfect. Grindcore often has been dismissed as a genre of messy blastbeats and ugly vocals and imagery. This album does and will continue to prove to legions of metalheads that grindcore has a permanent place in metal and can’t always be taken lightly.
The best phrase that could be used to describe this album would be „razor sharp.” The most obvious manifestation of that phrase is in the drumming. Młody drumming is absolutely perfect. Every beat of the entire album is executed with absolute precision. It’s like listening to a metronome. The blastbeats sound like a machine gun firing as the guitar riffs take hold.The riffing is the perfect blend of hardcore/thrash speed and intensity with the riffing and heavy sound of metal. The end result is guitar riffs that are fast as shit but still maintain a distinct rhythmic groove when they are not involved in an awesome whirlwind of machine-gun blastbeats.The vocals are low and fit perfectly with the guitar tone and overall speed and urgency. They make the music seem to disintegrate into pure brutality every time they come in.
This band was heavy, fast, and knew rhythm and grind more than any other band at that time in Poland.