Rites of Daath – „Hexing Graves”


Limited Edition – 300 Copies

Godz ov War Productions

Rites of Daath are surely one of the most promising Polish Underground Death Metal bands.That’s fucking raw Death Metal in its purest form, dark as only some early Swedish and American bands were able to do.So overall – Rites of Daath is an old-school Death Metal band, mainly influenced by the DM that was created by bands like Nihilist, Entombed, Grave, Grotesque and God Macabre back when these bands ruled supreme. But unlike many “retro” bands that just imitate and rip off the classics, Rites of Daath has its own sound, which at times even makes bands like the ones I mentioned sound really soft, compared to Rites of Daath!.”Hexing Graves” is dark and hellish as you can’t imagine…
Rites of Daath music is mainly characterized by very heavy and massive guitars and bass work and great low growls. Most of the time, the temp moves from slow to mid, but there are faster and more aggressive parts as well, and the guitar solos are well done, with a bit dose of feeling. These guys are not only fans of death metal, they seem to have death metal embedded within them. They obviously have vast knowledge of the death metal heritage and thus deliver soulfully crafted songs. Not tracks. Mostly depending on mid-tempo parts, they do not hesitate to put slow doom breaks or rapid blasters in their songs, achieving variation while retaining their perfect consistency and flow.Their guitar sound of „Hexing Graves” is like you can only hear on bands like Immolation, Incantation, Asphyx,Morgoth and other heavy death bands…But they do not copy or clone, they reinvent, and do it in a way that is a compliment to these bands, and not a worshipping of them. Their guitar sound is like the other bands I have mentioned, except really dissonant. Their dissonance is what really defines them, for many people have played the murky, doom laden death metal before as well.
Songwriting is absolutely superb. Songs go all over the place, yet still feel coherent. Ideas that shouldn’t work (doom section straight to d-beat) work flawlessly here. It could be the production, giving the „Hexing Graves” a morbid, cavernous sound.And a reference to the production done at Roslyn Studio and Michał Pijocha’s Studio ; all instruments are perfectly audible yet the sound is essentially old-school. And I fucking love it!
Debut EP „Hexing Graves” it’s the kind of album you’d better listen while doing nothing, rather then just put it on the background. But once you listen to it carefully – you will understand that it’s not just another album.If you like death metal, you will like this, no matter what kind of death metal you like. Everyone from the doom fanatic to the grind freak to the slam kids and old school hell bangers can all get into this one. It has everything on it that makes death metal good.Look out for these guys. Underground, bestial, cavernous death metal just got new gods.