1. After five years of hiatus Ritual Liar is back.EP „Mother of Misery and All Repugnance (Diabolo Intervale)”, was released on Godz ov War Productions in February 2017 on tape and later in September 2017 on cd by Fallen Temple. Would you say this album represents Ritual Liar in exactly the way you wanted – I mean, absolutely as your best work to date?

Well, in general that’s what RITUAL LIAR is all about. We don’t care about any promotion whatsoever. Or releasing our stuff within some strict timeframe either. I need to correct you here a bit: the cd version is a joint collaboration between Fallen Temple and Under the Sign of Garazel. Well, I should say our best stuff is the 13 Candles demo. Our latest ep is filthy and evil too, the way it ought to be. Yes, we don’t care or follow what is new or fashionable these days. We play the music our gods used to play and whose music we`ve been listening to. We don’t want to be overly unique. Musically speaking, this ep represents what we are these days. Music-wise.


2. Your new EP „Mother of Misery and All Repugnance (Diabolo Intervale)”, is much more intricate and I daresay ‘polished’ (in a good way) in comparison to your early material. What were your thoughts when coming up with music for your latest one? How can you explain the admirable evolution in sound?

Evolution you say? Nice, but it aint no evolution here at all. What it factually is I would say it is the continuation of trans-chaotic death and tomb opening. You know, it was hard to work on our music. We`re lazy, drink a lot of booze, do no rehearsals or rehearsing in a really sloppy way. Chaos in other words. And the sound of omnipotent TREBLINKA hoovers all over it! That’s what I would call the evolution of ours!


3. What are your influences? Also, what have you been listening to regularly these days? Are there any new acts that have impressed you? Is it important to you that your band members listen to the same kind of music that is to be created?

We`re influenced by, so to say, good shit. We listen to many different forms of metal music. Me (SBCH) prefers RAZOR, HELL-fucking-HAMMER, BATHORY, POISON, MORBID INSULTER, Old DESTRUCTION, IMPERATOR, SCARECROW, MERCILESS DEATH, LORD OF EVIL, HOLOCAUSTO. Classic shit, all right. Newer bands are latest DEGIAL, BEAST CONJURATOR (so bad there is just one album of theirs), MORBID PERVERSION, POISONED from Poland (old-school like fuck! amazing album of theirs yeah!), SEPULCHRAL TEMPLE, TEMPLE BELOW (!!!), CRIPPLING MADNESS, latest MONSTRAAT, BLUTGRUND from Poland (awesome BM), KROLOK, VERBERIS, ABHORRENT FUNERAL….VOMITOR fucking right!!! ANTICHRIST HOOLIGANS, HADES ARCHER, KRATCHERION, PUTRID from Chile, FORCE OF DARKNESS, and DOOMBRINGER (hail SMP!!!)….what the fuck are we supposed to listen to? A local radio station or what? Only metal, that’s it. Plain and simple. When I read that some band, while working on their stuff, weren’t listening to metal at all but some pop swill instead, well what can I say, right? No metal heart they have, that’s for sure. Me, man, I am a red-neck when it comes to music. I am not going to write anything interesting on this issue at all. I don’t give a flying fuck about all these post-metal shit and other filthy, mother-whoring, piece of shit bands. Yeah! I am wearing blinkers, always have and always will!!!


4. Your music made me travel directly to the 80’s. It’s really reminding me of proto-black metal bands from the 80s like Treblinka, Vomit or Sabbat and of some Brazilian bands from that era (early Sepultura, Sarcafago, Chakal and others). Do you like of the modern sub-genres of black metal or do you prefer to stick with the classics??


As mentioned above, man. No new shit. No hair-gelled faggotry…

5. What are you trying to achieve when you write a Ritual Liar song? The music you cast out into the world is unapologetically raw and aggressive, powerful and enormously diverse. Do you keep some main ideas in mind as you stay focused on some metallic mental-patterns, or does the evil energy of black remain as an ever-flowing stream of aggression? What is your song writing process, and how do you know when a song is done?

Well, no idea how to answer this question, to be honest. We don’t want to achieve anything at all. All we want is to vomit with hell itself so I can dream of Devil himself! This is us, this is what we listen to and what we play. We don’t create music per se. LWN just brings forth some riffs which makes us aggressive and willing to punch somebody in his filthy mug. When we precisely feel it, well, it means the music is being created.


6. Like I mentioned somewhere above Ritual Liar has just released the new Ep “Mother of Misery and All Repugnance (Diabolo Intervale)”, through Godz ov War Productions and Fallen Temple. How did you come in contact with these labels? Will any of these labels be your permanent publisher for more materials?

Well, three labels to be precise. Under the Sign the Garazel is the one you`ve omitted. We collaborated before (our second ep) and we are now too as them and FT have released our cd. It is possible we`ll cooperate again on understanding these guys are interested in doing so. Well, we`re close friends so every time we meet we booze like hell.


7. The music world has changed almost beyond recognition since Ritual Liar first demo „13 Candles”. How would you describe your journey through the changes, and what are the benefits of being in a band at this current time? Do you think “old school” metal will eventually lose its relevance what with the ever-increasing crop of bands that are coming up playing modern metal music?

I see no changes to be honest. I am where I am – deeply in the metal underground and this is where I feel comfortable. I don’t care about bands who`re whoring our music, which is underground metal. I would say old school will never die as long as there are devoted souls who`re deeply into it, in a sense, the underground means more to them than being just some mere hobby of theirs or some form of escape from mundane activities like their jobs etc.


8. Poland has always had one of the strongest underground scenes for extreme Metal bands since the late 80s. What are your feelings towards the music our fellow countrymen create? Do you feel a strong sense of pride? How would you see this from your point of view, what kind of things have made Poland such a known country as far as the country’s countless (especially) Death and Black Metal bands are concerned?

Hell, the answer is so simple! I am proud of our bands, that’s for sure. Me and other maniacs, when young, were exposed to plenty of demos, cassette releases and so on. As well as live shows, Metalmania gigs, snail mail letters and so forth. It was our determination and stubbornness that let us get desired (hard copy) recordings. Yeah, those were bad times, back then. But we were tough, indeed. I think our underground has always been strong. Back then and these days too. Just take a look at these fuckers: WARFIST, BESTIAL RAIDS, DARK FURY, MOLOCH LETALIS, THRONEUM, ANIMA DAMNATA, DEUS MORTEM, NECATOR, MARTWA AURA, DEVILPRIEST, NEKKROFUKK, DEVILSISLAND, NECROSTRIGIS, CRIPPLING MADNESS, KINGDOM, RITES OF DAATH, AZARATH, STILLBORN. Or these damn CULTES DES GHOULES and DOOMBRINGER. One of the best UG bands in the world, in my view.


9. If you described Ritual Liar to some metalheads who haven’t heard the band yet but are curious about the band, how would describe Ritual Liar to these curious bastards by your own words?

Well, I wouldn’t at all. I don’t give a flying fuck about them. They`ve got to shake hands with the devil themselves.


10. The lyrics of Ritual Liar are anti christian full of blasphemies. Traditional black metal is satanic. Do you see your band as a satanic band? The name „Mother of Misery and All Repugnance (Diabolo Intervale)”, sounds mysteriously enough, could you say something more about it and also about the author of lyrics? What all are you influenced with in this sphere??

Well, first things last. I write the lyrics and I always have. There is one song that deals with the witch called Mother as the title indicates. We are, to some extent, a satanic band, but not all of our lyrics deal with Satanism or devil. It is more like we`re influenced by the medieval concept of devil worship. You know, the forest rituals, hooves and horns…


11. Young people who have no idea about the real black metal, wear corpse-paint, but don’t even know the real meaning of it. You say that you try to make old-school black metal. Is there a possibility that you want to show to people somehow that the real black metal spirit is still alive and not forgotten?

We`ve never said we`re an old school metal crew. Just the metal of death that’s what we stand for, yeah. Frankly, it is neither me nor LWN who wants to show anything to anyone. Maybe our middle finger will do, what you think? These who`ve been into UG metal and who’ve been breathing its effluvia will find us with no problem, right. We don’t need any other fans, we don’t want them either. Why not? Because we play for the people who`re into exactly the same music we play. Of course, if there are some new souls who want to listen to our stuff, well, Satan himself will be pleased, for sure.


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12. Can you reveal something of Ritual Liar near future? Thank you for answering these questions, keep the black metal spirit up! Any final words?

Thanks a lot for your interest. We are working on a 2 (or 4) track ep called Boruta. You live until you DIE!!!!







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