Saddayah – „Apopheny of Life”
Loud Rage Music

I liked this album quite a bit the very first time I heard it, but I’d have been hard-pressed to describe exactly why, since there’s not a whole lot about it that obviously sticks out from other death metal bands at first glance.There is no monotony to be found in this album like some other modern death metal albums.Every musical aspect of death metal has been covered in this glorious debut album done by this Romanian combo!Do you like brutality? Speed? Heaviness? Breakdowns? Melody? Guitar leads? Solos? Technicality? A relentless assault of mind-blowing death metal? If so, this is certainly for you.
The guitar work is nothing short of amazing, weaving riff after riff of intricate melody, which should not be confused with faggotry, as some might be surprised to learn that you can be both melodic and brutal at the same time. Believe me, this is nowhere near your typical Gothenburg garbage, the leads are fluid and organic, and at the same time sterile and stiff, lurching from one time signature to the next, inhuman in both it’s precision and speed.
The bass, which is clearly audible for the most part, is ridiculously good, nice and chunky, and not so downtuned you can’t tell what’s going on. The relationship between the guitars and the bass in this album is amazing, together flowing into and out of each other, creating a soundscape of truly massive proportions.
This album also has some surprises, along with the improved riffing, technical solos, intense yet well timed drumming, and the relentless gutteral vocals, there is also a bit of acoustic guitar on this record.
While listening to it I loved the power that it emitted, a lot of bands in the technical genre , have no power at all! What they make up for in articulated notes, they lack in crunch and drive and most of all, low end! The production quality and mixing is awesome, its clear the notes are like crystal, the drums are even and don’t bleed through into anything, the bass is pronounced and mixed in quiet well, and the vocals are at just the right frequency to make this really enjoyable to listen to, because nothing is too harsh.
Anyone who is a fan of Death Metal, or just good music in general should pick this album up, it is interesting, it is fast paced, it is well thought out, well mixed, and it’s just enjoyable. Also did I mention, if you are tired of the same old immature, uneducated gore lyrics or Deicide-esq pseudo-satanic „wanna be” lyrics, this is for you, the lyrics are of a more philosophical approach.