1.Slava Tchortu!Even though you guys had released a two split’s and an two full-lenght albums, you are still an underground band that perhaps is unknown to many headbangers so please introduce Sombre Croisade. Are the guys in the band involved in other projects?


Malsain : I created Sombre Croisade in 2008, with a will to exorcise my darkest feelings. This the initial project can be described as a dark and personal music. Some songs were composed but non recorded…in 2010, i recorded some other songs and included Alrinack as vocalist and bassist. These songs appeared in 2012 on the split with Suicidal madness called “Molasar dreams”! On the same year, is available the first album „litanie au mal”. In October 2013, a split „L’aube Illusoire” with Augure Funebre is available ! our new album “Balancier des âmes”was released in end 2017 by Pest records. With Alrinack we are involved together in other bands : Suicidal madness, Blukovla, Vils serpents, Dernier soufflé and I’m involved too in a band called Total reject.

Alrinack: Yes we have pleasure to play together in these bands! A great communion between us! Part of these projects, I’m involved in others too: Uluun, Loup noir, Asphodeles, Ysengrin, Temple, Jarnvidr, P.H.T.O….


2.What was the original idea to form Sombre Croisade in 2008? Was there any revolt against modern and trendy Metal, or you simply felt the need to get rid of anger out of yourself in the form of fast as hell Metal?


A: As we said on the first question, Sombre croisade was and is still, a catharsis for us, to express our hate and feelings! We keep our line, may be yes, to oppose us to the “trendy metal”..

M: The revolt against trends it is more stressed on the 2nd album. More and more bands it claim „Black Metal” but has in reality no attitude appropriate to the style and I do not support that. Dark Crusade is, and will stay a group Old School in the sound and the convictions, it is important for us. We spit on every these new things „comment” BM where the guys arrive in concert in sandals and jogging of shit…


3.Has the band’s intention always been to stay deep in the underground and keep yourselves amidst dark shadows? Would you continue maintaining that low profile or would you maybe like to reach the more well-known status of more commercial bands such as Immortal or Mayhem in the future?


M : I had at first no particular intention. Today if we become more known thanks to our music and our convictions to play her, to propagate our gangrene, so much the better.

A thing is safe, on no account we shall not sell our bottom by ringing more „modern” to be more known, be signed on big label and better earn money. It is unthinkable!


A: we don’t think and live Sombre croisade, in commercial or reputation terms, we don’t care about this! We play music, it’s the most important for us, after, we’ll see that future has to give us!


4.I am always interested in how bands started listening to Heavy Metal. How it was in your case? When have you first sniff the toxic form of this genre and due to which bands you became orthodox metal head? Have you remained faithful to these bands till today?


A: when I was young, I listened heavy metal and punk! One day I fount a tape, where was record a burzum album, and a deicide album…my first items of extreme metal, this was a revelation. Since that, I’m metalhead as you say! I’m still listening these bands, but olders too!


M : I am younger than Alrinack I thus knew the BM or the extreme metal that in the 2000s. I always listened to groups as Iron maiden but already teenager I looked more violent. My puppy loves which introduced me into the millieu are Horna, Darkthrone, Enthroned or Deicide, Exhumed… And I always listen to it yes! More often the old albums on the other hand, sometimes has there debatable evolutions héhé


5.Your first recording was a „Molasar Dream’s” split shared with Suicidal Madness from 2012 containing four songs and I know they have a very special meaning for Sombre Croisade. How did it feel to hear your first effort from a recording? Was it exactly the message you wanted to achieve or it was even better?


A: This split is important for us, from one part because we shared the opus with sm, that’s a predominant project where we play together, and from other part, because it’s totally dedicated to our friend Molasar! Songs are reflecting our suffer! We recorded with poor material, the production is raw, it’s clear but the message is honest .


M: This 1st Split or even the 1st album one recorded in a row in the same period. The sound recording is really bad but the intention that we it in put at that time, are always valid, it is exits which matter.


6.I really like the production you used on the debut „Litanie au mal”, everything sounds naturally, dirty, raw and not polished. Maybe you have used an analog recording method which adds authenticity and atmosphere to the recording. Is this the only way for you?


A: Thanks! No we didn’t use analog recording for this opus! We did it with our limited material, simply use our home studios capacities… Now we still record by this way, but for the production (mastering…) we work with some dudes that have more knowledge in it!


M: Our current sound is a little better but while staying raw, the „home-made” pleases us. In the future, will not go to us in a professional studio to have something disinfected ..


7.What does atmosphere in your music mean to you? Is it natural and obvious for you that music must have a certain aura of evil, gloom and creepiness or it is rather your intention? Would you prove to listen to the recordings that have no atmosphere? Would you prove to create such music?


M: I do not really choose what I want to release of my music. It depends on my state of mind as compose them. We are on the same wave length with Alrinack, as for the musical felt, I know that he is going to understand what I wanted to exorcise with every piece and to insist in his turn in this direction.


A: for me we don’t search really for a particulary atmosphere, we work on our riffs, we are looking for an adequation in our feelings, a song is a satisfaction for us, when we feel in it, our hate, or our sadness…after that, the au ra is correlated to it!


8.Last year you have released your second full-lenght „Balancier des âmes” album at Pest Records. How are you satisfied with the work of this label? Although the album came out September 2017, do you already know some sales numbers?


A: We are totally satisfied with the work of Pest records! Really pro label, great production, many reviews, we can talk with them when we want, they are attentive to our desires!! A great association! I don’t have exact numbers of sales, but it seems to be good! From our part, we already sold some cds! It’s a good way!


M : Exactly, and the good returns of the public, the actors of the scene consolidates me in the idea that the label in done well its work of promotion, and that for us it is our best taken out until now.


9.Could you describe your writing process? Do you have one composer or it is a matter of the whole band? Which your songs do you consider as your best so far and which one do you prefer to play live?


A: our writing process is very simple, and always on the same schema! Malsain write and record his guitars riffs and drums, he send me them. I write and rec my bass line and vocals. We listen the song, since we are agree of the result! There are some song I really prefer,2 songs come in my mind “la mort naissante” from our first opus, and “Midiane” from our new opus! We played live, until this moment, just one time, “la mort naissante” took part from the set list, it’s was a pleasure for me, play this song on the stage!


M : To choose two is complicated but in the feeling, I would also say: ” la mort naissante ” and… Hem: ” don ténébreux „. I was in particular phases, when I wrote these pieces and I find that the atmosphere feels the effects of it. Strangely they are far from being the most hateful (as Midiane for example)



10.Again Sombre Croisade music is dominated by negative and dark emotions which have always been part of the horrible old Metal. All these aspects are reflected in the final atmosphere of music creating a deep and interesting artistic concept. Do you perceive Sombre Croisade as a band with deep artistic testimony of the dark arts? Do you think old devilish Metal must sound selflessly primitive and blunt, or these two levels can be combined together?


A: Sombre croisade is totally involved in dark arts, its express take birth in very dark and hatred feelings, combined to our attract to sadness, melancholy and depression! In our process, like in our listening, we are defined as “old school”, for me it’s a real compliment hear or read that! But I think in Sombre Croisade, we found the form to respect primitive pulses of old black metal, with some deep atmospheres, may be, more contempory, recent. So, yes, these two levels can be combined together.


11.Like I mentioned above „Balancier des âmes” has been available for a while now, but there are still people out there that may be reading this interview and perhaps haven’t got the chance to rage over your new opus so I thought who would be better than yourself to explain the band’s proposal and concept behind the album.


A: The concept of “Balancier des âmes” is simple! It concerns a deep and extreme rebirth for us, of the band. These years, me like Malsain, we knew more and more difficulties in our lifes, at different levels, we were busy we our all other bands…This opus is more strength, more efficace, more full of revendications! It talks about insane introspection but too, about dogmatic emprise of religious movements that infect our society!


M : I created Sombre Croisade in the exact purpose of it has just explained Alrinack, we spit all our hatred there, in real one catharsis. I has to be in a particular state to make up, what is not forcing the case for the other groups in which I preside. This way Somber Crusade is unique and he will last in time. The fact of doing it with Alrinack is also, one truth so human agreement as musical unite us, Sombre Croisade with fact of us of true „brothers of hearts” in time.
Without that … that would lose a little of its sense in fact!


12.How did you come to an agreement with the Pest Records to release the CD? Are you guys happy with the work put unto the CD by the label regarding the promotion of the album? Will the band continue working with Pest Records or will you opt out for a bigger more established label?


A: at the beginning, we didn’t think to Pest records..we didn’t think to a particulary label. I knew Pest, and Adrian, because, in past, I did several reviews for his Webzine…so we proposed him the opus, and he accepted! He did a really good promotion for the album!! Like I said before, he’s a good professional!! He’s a real support for French and international black metal scene! Not many bands released, but a work that respect the bands! I don’t know, if Sombre croisade will continue with Pest records, but for the moment we are satisfied about our collaboration!


13.How do you feel about Black Metal from the current perspective, our time? Do you think it has changed a lot opposite 80´s and 90´s? Do you think Black Metal is today still the rotten style full of abomination, blasphemy and celebration of impure forces? Do you believe the original heritage of Black Metal will be preserved forever, or once this old school style will extinguish and will be completely replaced by modern Black Metal?


A: this is a vast and complex question…yes black metal, opposite to 80’s and 90’s, changed a lot, many more submovements appeared in it since the first bands! I always listen old school type of bm, always with the same conviction, it talk to me with the same strength! We always find bands with the primitive way, with the notion of blasphemy, I share this position every days, it’s important to fight that want to kill our psychic freedom! Human is source of impures forces, in all he do! Old school black metal express the manifestation of it in us! I think that original heritage will be preserved yes! Because there always, persons to keep it alive! We see certains bands that put themselves under “modern black metal” banner…it permits to them, acced to “extreme” people, but they don’t do Black metal…they use images, links of it, but they don’t understand the essence of it! It’s boring but it’s a fact..


M : As I said it higher, I hate the attitude of certain musicians of the new wave or more generally the hypocrisy of people, all the religious dogmae. I do not know if we can speak about an inheritance, but I am never bothered to tell to a guy ” to go be done „, this side rebels been a member(part) of me and that can stick on the spirit Old School, but nothing is calculated. I don’t care to appear „True” or not, that is the way it is Héhé Ça feels the effects necessarily in my music!


14.What do you think is most important thing in Sombre Croisade? Do you think you have your modus operandi and outlined way across the burning fields of underground in 21.century? In my view you write powerful tracks with their own typical character, strength and atmosphere, which is now deficient in general.


A: for me, the most important thing in Sombre croisade, it’s our honesty! We have our place in this fucking century! We need expression , by arts, music…and we try to do it with our psychic involtation! At the better!


15.What can you tell me about your next release he he? Is it more of the same or would the band’s sound continue a logical evolution; would we have to wait long for the next assault?


A: We start to work on the next opus! This opus will reflect our logical evolution yes, but we can’t say you how long you have to wait. We don’t know more about it héhé!


M: We compose in other bands, but i don’t know in which order are going to go out albums . And I don’t check either the inspiration. The only sure thing which I can tell you, it is that we already have of the new material and that a next album is going to go out!


16.In France, concerts are held regularly and show the great Metal scene of your country. I know that Sombre Croisade has already played some shows, so what are your plans regarding live presentations, are you guys planning an international tour or something alike?


A: Like I said before, Sombre Croisade just played one time for a black metal fest! We want to do live gigs, it’s certain, but we have to resolve problems about live session musicians, distance, I live in northern france, and Malsain in the south of France….but play live is one of our middle term objectives! If we play, yes we probably do an international tour!


17.Please finish this off with anything you may want to say, and I hope the next Sombre Croisade album will be as good as the „Balancier des âmes”. Thanks for your time and hopefully this interview didn’t bore you to death. Hailz!


A  : Thanks to your interest about Sombre Croisade, about our way  ! Thanks for your support to French black metal scene that suffer in these times!! We are honoured to have this place of expression!! With interesting question from your part!!


M: interesting question this time thanks for it and for your interest in our work! Best regards for you too, for your involving in european black metal scene.,
Hails to black metal! Hails to you and Hails to Sombre Croisade!!!