Sombre Croisade – „Balancier des âmes”
Pest Records

Sombre Croisade was created in 2008 by Malsain (Suicidal Madness, Blukovla, Vils Serpents,Dernier Souffle,Total Reject) with a will to exorcise his darkest feelings. This the initial project can be described as a dark and personal music. Some songs were composed but non recorded…in 2010, he recorded some other songs and included Alrinack (P.H.T.O, Blukovla, Asphodeles, Loup noir, Suicidal madness, Temple, Dernier Souffle,Jarnvidr) as vocalist and bassist.This collaboration it reveals to be osmosis so musical as philosophic between both members up to this days.
When talking about French Black Metal people often fail to reserve a mention for Sombre Croisade who have been around for quite a long time now and are clearly experts at the art of creating and performing Black Metal. They may follow the stereotype of wearing corpse paint etc. but nothing wrong in that because Sombre Croisade has it’s own unique easy to recognise style. This album epitomises this fact. „Balancier des âmes” features complex song structures which hits a little better than the previous full-lenght album „Litanie au mal” from 2012.The guitars are extremely catchy and well performed and they are the first aspect of this album that one notices. We actually have some audible bass which is well performed on the whole. The drums are absolutely out of this world. Malsain has amazing talent and brings the whole song alive with his complex yet tasteful drum patterns. He usually performs typical black-metal incessant drumming but there is the occasional thrash-styled tempo changes where drumming is fast, varied, and creative with lots of fills and breaks.His drumming is immaculate.The guitars essentially follow the drum beats.The guitar tone is of special note because it fits the drum playing and bass perfectly.These rhythms are so demented in the head that it’s hard not to head bang until your neck bone splinters into dust.The production is extremely good giving the album the obligatory raw black metal feeling along with very tight musical standards and all the instruments are given the perfect decibel level.”Balancier des âmes” is the quintessential black metal album; a pure masterpiece of blasphemy and musical carnage. There are no keyboards, no clean vocals, and no bullshit.The entire album is comprised of 6 tracks, all of which can stand on their own.Most albums of similar style get monotonous with the constant barrage of blasts and speedy riffs, but with „Balancier des âmes”, Sombre Croisade wrote killer riffs and leads, which maintain your attention throughout.All of these elements combine to create an album which is one truly hellish listening experience.This is ripping black metal of the most blasphemous nature… highly recommended.