Soul Dissolution – „Nowhere”
GS Productions
Limited edition – 150 Copies

When I first heard EP „Nowhere” a few weeks ago, I instantly fell in love. I listened to Soul Dissolution previous records, a debut album “Pale Distant Light” and this year second full lenght „Stardust” a countless amount of times, and the brilliance of this new two track release came as no surprise to me. As a fan of Agalloch, Ulver, Blut Aus Nord, and other various atmospheric black metal bands, from now I am a diehard fan of Soul Dissolution. I highly recommend this band, especially this album to anyone who is a fan of the aforementioned bands.
One of the things I like best about this album is how many different genres are incorporated into the sound and atmosphere of the music. When I listen „Nowhere”, I can hear influence from Ulver’s „Bergtatt”, Agalloch, and I am sometimes even reminded of mighty Primordial. While this album takes a lot of influence from these bands’ styles, they still keep to their very own unique sound. To describe their sound is to describe the very essence of atmosphere and sorrow, because few bands can conjure these in perfect conjunction within the black metal context. Not only do Soul Dissolution excel, but they do so with a near mint mix and an onslaught of clean chorus like vocals, some acoustics and beautiful songwriting.While there are some shadowy moments, most of the record ranges from solemn and inspired to outright ecstatic. It’s unusually uplifting for extreme metal, yet quite authentically so. The riffs are so fervent and heartfelt that it’s hard to not be swept up into their pathos. Still, the constant presence of shrill, blackened howls serves as a counterpoint, an element of pain that accompanies even the albums most exquisite moments.The guitar work, performed by Jabawock, is great stuff. The black metal riffage is infused with oceans of melodic originality. The numerous clean passages are the most impressive piece of the pie. I’m really impressed. This compliments the melancholic singing well and paints a stark contrast to the black metal undercurrents.The production on the album is wide open and airy, doing great justice to Soul Dissolution sound. As I mentioned earlier, Soul Dissolution are not content with the standard clean/heavy dichotomy. All of the elements are mixed up in a pleasing fashion. The songwriting skill is quite evident. „Nowhere” evokes an array of emotions, from funereal disconsolation to complete triumph. The album holds my attention from start to finish, and never turns itself into background music.
Soul Dissolution is truly a unique band. They do not fall victim to any of the black metal stereotypes that bands like Immortal and Mayhem may have propagated. I cannot stop listening to this EP, and I will recommend it and push it to no end. Every black metal fan should have this album.”Nowhere”will be issued on the 18th of October as a very limited release (150 hand-numbered digipaks) in cooperation with GS Productions from Russia.