Soulrest / Обрій – „Soulrest / Obriy”
Split / CD-R
Trismus Records

Two bands from the same city of Uzhgorod, Ukraine uniting to present two death metal tracks in native language. „Вічний занепад” aka „Perpetual decay, pt.II” by Soulrest and „Королівство зачинених брам”/”The kingdom of closed gates” by Obrij.

SOULREST has 20+ years history and 5 full-length albums behind its back. Despite turbulent times, low profile, line-up troubles and personal dramas, the band persisted and was re-born and re-envisioned on the latest album „In Spite”. Soulrest plays unconventional death metal, often spicing it up with pompous keyboard parts.
ОБРІЙ (OBRIJ – ukr. HORIZON) was formed back in 2013 in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. The band members were/are participants in such bands as THE SYMBIOZ, SKRUTA, DISPLEASE and SOULREST. The sound of OBRIJ is influenced by European death metal bands like BOLT THROWER, MORGOTH, ASPHYX, MANGLED TORSOS, GOREFEST etc.

It never ceases to amaze me how a practically unheard of band can come out with such quality and powerful music and still be basically overlooked. I hope this quickly changes for SOULREST and OBRIJ. What we have here is very professional death metal here, folks. Something more than what you would expect from a band’s signed to underground label like Trismus Records (don’t get me wrong!). Both band’s sound is obviously influenced by the greats of Death Metal, but instead of sounding like mere clones, these guys add creativity to the songwriting and come out with something all thier own. They don’t try to annihialate you with retardedly brutal slams or hyperfast as fuck blasts; thier riffs are well thought out and planned and flow really fucking well within the songs. The both tracks have thier own identity and have really interesting topics, not the usual satanic and gore stuff, but very deep lyrics that are at times nihilistic. This album shows the high amount of potential that SOULREST and OBRIJ have and hopefully they will take full advantage of what they are capable of doing. I can see great things happening for this band’s if they get the shot that they damn well deserve such as a tour with some bigger names and a bigger label showing interest in them. In summation, grab this fucking split-album if you are tired with the same rehashed bullshit.