Stillborn – „Mirrormaze / Die in Torment 666”
Godz ov War Productions

Re-release of both demos – first time on CD. Limited to 300 copies as standard jewel case with a twelve-pages booklet. Exclusive layout with tons of unique materials and never previously unreleased bonus tracks.Like I said „Mirrormaze & Die In Torment 666” is a repackaging of the band’s first two demos (plus a few extras). „Mirrormaze” came out in 1999 and „Die In Torment 666” came out in 2001.
STILLBORN: one of the most satanic, dark and evil bands in Poland. This is THE perfect mix of brutal death metal with black metal. Killer is one of the best things to happen to the undeground. His low and high vocals are just fucking EVIL sounding, and his guitar work is amazing. Brutal as all fucking hell riffs, mixed with dark black metal melody and tremelo picking, thrashy solos that seem to be going faster than you can think. The drums are complete blast-fests that will cave your fucking head in.That I can almost guarantee with a complete certainty that within the first listen and your first read throughout the lyrics, You’ll be growling right along with Killer.Stillborn on „Mirrormaze” combining aspects of brutal death metal bands like Angelcorpse with the chaotic, minimalistic musicianship of black metal bands like Darkthrone. This is one of the few bands I’ve listened to which effectively combines the black and death metal aspects without sounding like a wall of shit noise. In closing, I would like to say that „Mirrormaze” is everything good Death/Black Metal should be: fast, punishing, relentless, and above all DEATH.Seek elsewhere for self-indulgent wankery and „progression”.

„Die In Torment 666” came out in 2001 and is unbelievably brutal and more oriented on Death Metal. Chaos and war. The riffs are catchy enough to stick with you and rock out to but are played so heavily and quickly, just completely savage. The musicianship here is top-notch. Just totally wild. Gopher contributes some of his fastest, tightest drumming ever, which is probably the real highlight of the album. Everything is put together crisply and professionally. The vocals are brutal roars, the drumming is fast and controlled and the guitar work is very accurate sounding in accordance with the rest of the band. The music is very fast and manic and the time changes are supreme.Production is thin enough to be satisfyingly kvlt without losing the distinctions between the instruments, and the drums come in esp. well. Lyrics are pure Satanic war metal. Stillborn keeps it simple, and that’s a good thing.
Stillborn stand victorious at the top of the True Satanic Death Metal acts in Poland right from the beginning.