Svoid – „Storming Voices of Inner Devotion” (2016)
Sun & Moon Records

Svoid is Black Metal act from Budapest,Hungary.Svoid was formed in December 2009 by ‘S’ with the intention to define a link between All and Nothing, which represents the formless End.Since their formation Svoid releases two albums and one Ep and single. „Storming Voices of Inner Devotion” is a latest offer and after listening to death/black metal since the mid 90’s, you can imagine that it is difficult to find bands that peak my interests, but „Storming Voices of Inner Devotion” provides instant satisfaction, both in terms of musicianship and structure. Svoid paints a picture of desolate landscapes, dark futuristic nuclear decimation, ruins of human existance, with a cold, unforgiving sound of Black Metal atmosphere.This release features plenty of added twists, turns, and new ideas that keep the listener wondering what is going to happen next.The guitars are well executed, with a nice sounding distortion, not too fuzzy or lacking in tone. You can easily make out all of the instruments, so the cd is well-produced, but not so polished that it sounds unrealistic.The overall atmosphere of the album seems very open and clear while still have a great edge and not being too polished, i think it suits the material perfectly.It turned out to be not what I expected, the album has constantly blown me away on every listen. I still cant categorise the album exactly and i dont really want to, but it seems to me to be a form of avant garde black metal with raw, thrash influenced black metal too,.

At all times I am kept entertained with a flurry of twisting riffs , takes so many turns in different directions it’s amazing how it manages to stay cohesive and well arranged. Its great to hear the bass being put to work well in songs  as too often it can become lost and almost non existent in a lot of black metal. A huge selling point of this album for me has to be the vocals which are fantastic they feature some haunting cleans  to crazy vicious screaming .I think this is one of those rare albums that captures you out of the blue unawares. It gets you hooked and leaves you wanting more.