Szamot – „Astral Domina”

Recent years are not the best for purely instrumental music – probably because we have become accustomed to vocal and we often treat music without it as something empty, unfinished. Fortunately, despite the unfavorable trend, there are still albums without vocals that are worth bending over.One of these discs is debut album of Szamot – „Astral Domina” a solo project of Tomasz Pusz.
„Astral Domina” are instrumental album, which means the main focus of Tomasz „Szamot” Pusz is in the creaton of memorable musical expeciences, and he took his job seriously, resulting in a great piece of musical art and creating fluid and abysmal ambient moments which make for the most of „Astral Domina”.
Everything about „Astral Domina” has an enticing feeling of calm serenity, which is not bad as long as it’s not overdone, which tends to happen, rarely. Each song has great flow, keeping the album connected in a solid foundation of averagely produced, very-good musicianship.Most of the time this albums reeks of melancholy and desperation, but the kind of desperation you get mixed with resignation. Something terrible is about to happen or has already happened, but there’s nothing you can do to change it. This is it, this is your life.”Astral Domina” seems like the result of solitude-induced madness, a point in which a person goes from feeling incredibly sad (Blackest Eye ), then falls to the bottom of a depressive pit to the point of getting used to it (The Dream about the Eternal Winter) and finally becomes so insane they don’t even care anymore (Lost Souls in the Ocean of Life).
This album is not for those looking for metal, or any kind of metal at all, at that.Completely reccomended for those in search for calm, instrumental ambient but at the same time unsettling music.