TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE set release date for special IRON BONEHEAD album, reveal first track – to play Never Surrender fest in November

Iron Bonehead Productions sets November 1st as the international release date for a special recording from Temple NightsideRecondemnation, on CD and vinyl LP formats. It shall be released in conjunction with the Iron Bonehead / Nuclear War Now!-curated Never Surrender Festival set to take place in Berlin on November 1-3. Temple Nightside will be giving an exclusive performance at this fest.

By now, Australia’s Temple Nightside require little to no introduction. In short, they are death metal necromancy of the highest order. Spitting in the face of other such facile attempts by normcore „metal” bands, Recondemnation is less a re-recording of 2013’s Condemnation debut album as it is an actual reimagining.

Descent and re-initiation: a corpse reborn through the womb of its own extinction. The veins cut and re-tethered, bloodthirst paralleled only by the emptiness… The beast rears its face once again, to sup and gnaw, and this is how the limbless move… The crypt is reopened, the dead Recondemned. Here, within, lies Recondemnation.

The crypt has opened and the first track to be revealed is appropriately „Exhumation; Miseries Upon Imprecation,” which can be heard HERE at Iron Bonehead‚s Soundcloud. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Temple Nightside’s Recondemnation
1. Shrine of the Summon
2. Exhumation; Miseries upon Imprecation
3. Abhorrent They Fall
4. Dagger of Necromantic Decay (Eater of Hearts)
5. Ascension of Decaying Forms
6. Miasma
7. Life Eternal