The Nightstalker – „A Journey in Hell”
Wolfshade Records

The Nightstalker is a atmospheric dark metal band, a one-man project leading by Serpent who also is a bass player in Belgium Ambient/Black Metal horde Sercati who is strongly connected to his solo project The Nigtstalker.The two bands share a same concept that is the narrative of the adventures of an angel descended from heaven to help humanity and Lucifer learning that will send troops to destroy and annihilate. Sercati tells epic moments in history as The Nightstalker says most personal moments and lived the character.
The fourth full length release from Belgium’s The Nightstalker is nothing short of an orgasmic sonic descent into the darkest reaches of the netherkingdoms beyond the constructs we know as time, space and imagination. This album delivers on what many black metal albums promise – from start to finish it is a soul-pummeling voyage through the hidden portals of your deepest, most primitive psyche, transplanting you into a war-torn dimension of dark epic fantasy.But also I think very important part played Italian horror movies soundtracks from the 70s, The Nightstalker managed to create an awesome mix between gothic keyboard based pieces and fierce black metal songs.The music is richly organic and highly UNFORMULAIC atmospheric/gothic/black metal. Those looking for another Mayhem or Darkthrone clone to add to their collection, look elsewhere.This album will really take you away and when you find yourself again you will say: „whaaaat was thaaaaaat?” because it is really what this album makes to you. Everyone that I showed The Nightstalker to said that. They get completly surprised and amazed by the vocals, the keyboards, everything!The vocals will surprise you in first place. Serpent managed to sing with the voice of a tortured soul, a demon, it really seems that he is dying, or burning and all the keys working, and guitars, mostruous drumming.It’s hard to believe that such feelings could be put into music.
The guitars and bass in most of the time follows the keyboard melodies with the guitar, but, there are some great riffs buried somewhere for you to find, and also, the distortion he uses is amazing! It really fits the music. He changes it during the songs also.In the same time Serpent can bring to you demonic feelings, you can also feel like you are listening to a glorious rhapsody song. But, The Nightstalker is far better, Keep that in your mind.
Overall. This is one of those albums that you will reject in the first listen. It’s so damngothic and ‚avant garde’ that in the beggining, if you are not flexible, it will be boring. But give it a chance, you will find what is inside the songs and understand them better. If you listen once…….well…missing a great experience. At least download the samples in the official website, you will be amazed. I wonder how they are so unknown! Noone knows The Nightstalker!Fucking shame on You!


The Nightstalker released fourth album in january 2017 „A journey in hell” under Wolfshade Records where Sercati third album, an EP called „In the shadows and sidewalks”, was released on May 2015 under WormHoleDeath.


You can also watch a short movie about The Nightstalker/Sercati hero :