Top Sekret – „Piggy Op”
Defense Records

OK, so it’s short. Who The Fuck Cares?! This is blistering, blasting, face-melting grindcore at its best. Top Sekret play fucking furious Grindcore, no Gore, no splatter, simply Grindcore, politcally incorrect, lyrically funny,weird and interesting. The -core suffix holds true here, due to the sheer amounts of punk influence on everything, but it comes off sounding very death metal. Very sleak production and nice mixing. Drums are right there, very technical and blasty. Riffs are start-stop whirlwinds of brutality. Vocals are pretty fitting death grunts. In this way, even if you don’t like grind, you might like this, because it’s similar to death metal with short, to-the-point songs.The drummer is a real beast. His drumming is not the usual pounding and battering of blast beats and furious slammings.The whole package contains lots of muted guitar riffing, heavy as fuck beat-downs and lots of technicality. The songs are solid but yet full of rapid beat and riff changes and the vocals are totally one of a kind! I say, if you listen to the Koza screams you’ll never forget them. He’s screaming and spiting only in Czech, but in the end this is what makes it so unique and twisted.
The song themes and lyrics, the chords and the furiousdrumming – perfect Grindcore from Czech Republic like always. These guys are sick, pretty sick.As it stands, „Piggy Op” is a humorous, well crafted music joke. People who get the joke will really like it. People who don’t or haven’t gotten the joke should stay away. Hell, the album wasn’t made for them anyways.