Truchło Strzygi – „Pora Umierać”
Godz ov War Productions


After a short, silly introduction, the Polish combo named Truchło Strzygi starts with „Apokaliptyczny młot (Obliteracja poprzez życie)”, a song with hellish guitar riffs presenting real rock ‘n roll chord progression with driving riffs and pounding drums so fast it can make a McLaren look like a Ford T model in a street car race. The rhythm is fast, no shit, no crap – only pure metal all backed with strong, harsh, and enunciated vocals. Never thought that rock ‚n roll came from Hell. Clearly it did!Listening to this album brought me back to the days when metal was simple, brutal, and fun! That’s the way it should be! And that’s the way Truchło Strzyg idoes it: brutal, fast, no-holds-barred metal. Way to go, Truchło Strzygi!The debut „Pora Umierać” have offered up four ass kicking tracks of fast, punk fueled, hard rocking metal sounding like it could have come straight from the 80’s.The music virtually ooze with Venom and Motorhead worship. The NWOBHM riffs with their punk speed and the pounding relentlessness of the very tight drum work can summon up a very nostalgic atmosphere.As for the riffs and overall songwriting; they make me want to do a number of things; mainly consume a copious amount of alcohol and head band violently. I like the melodic aspect in the riffs that you’d find in your classic Iron Maiden riff, but applied in an ugly speed metal setting. The bass playing is another strength in this album, and like how I can hear it well .The variety in the songs is a real strength for this release, I like how each song kind of stands out on its own! To top off great riff writing are heaps of well executed alcoholized speed metal shred!„Pora Umierać” brings that classic raw sound of early Venom and Motörhead and merges it with dirty, blackened vocals and some punk rock aesthetic. Catchy as hell guitar riffs, thundering fret walking bass lines and punkened double kick drum beats.While „Pora Umierać” isn’t a wholly original venture, what else did you expect something billed as bastard metal to sound like? Speed metal riffing with a punk fueled double kick drumming and gruff, growled vocals unite to bring a dose of slightly blackened old school heavy metal.