War Legion – „Gran Satanás”
Limited Edition – 200 Copies

„The War as the hegemonic principle, the strength and dominance of the adverse seed that survives in every corner of the universe, led Purson Dominus (Drums) in October 2015 to forge a belligerent Black Metal horde in Pereira City from Colombia summoning its ally Óreidu (Guitar and Voice). War Legion spread in thousands of warlike chords, displayed in dissonances that tend to destroy the pestilence of human decay, a flare of sinister violence that allowed us to inaugurate the first satanic measures.”

Orthodox black metal used to be a powerful phrase, one that would signify conviction, belief and overall higher standards that a band puts in front of itself. However, a series of mediocre releases from bands at the genre’s forefront and a torrent of copycat hopefuls have cast a shadow of doubt on anything that appears under this moniker. Luckily, War Legion is one of those bands that restore faith into this seemingly defunct genre.War Legion play a brand of kickass, relentless, bestial black metal. „Gran Satanás” is the band’s first full-length, and it is even better than i thought.Columbian War Legion is one of „those” bands from South America. Bands that don’t try to by revolutionary but sound so damn energetic just because of sheer passion and metal fury! „Gran Satanás” is a stabbing black metal record. It’s ugly, dirty and it simply reeks evil atmosphere.The band exceeds perfectly at all tempos, keeps the flow of the album intact and truly makes you – no, inspires you – to continue to listen. The riffing in this album is razor-sharp and played at breakneck speed, yet still manage to evoke feelings of majestic evil and hate in a way that no other black metal band to this day has managed to accurately reproduce, thank Satan for that. The drumming provided by Purzon Dominus is manic in its intensity and calculated in its variety; the (at times ridiculously fast) double bass rumble rarely ever leaves a moment of respite to the listener. As excellent as the guitarwork and drumming by Óreiðu and Purzon Dominus respectively may be, it is Óreiðu vocals that shine through in this album.Another great thing about this album are how fresh all the songs sound. There are 7 songs here, and each one is worth listening to. There is no filler stuff. The lyrics deal almost exclusively with orthodox devil worship and blasphemy, and are written mostly in Latin and one song in English.The music is ferocious, hateful, fiery, true black metal dripping with devotion to the Devil. Malign makes black metal the old fashioned way, and they do it flawlessly.The instrumental work is consistently aggressive, yet some excellent sorrowful melodic riffs evoking the best of the 90’s.Recommended for fans of Watain,Marduk and Setherial this deserves some more recognition. From music itself, those powerful riffs and drums through that profound production and the consistent and balanced vocals (one of the greatest vocalists of recent years) helps establish War Legion as an enduring entity.If you ever feel the need for some actual true fucking black metal, Columbian War Legion is the way to go.