Warfist / Excidium – „Laws of Perversion & Filth”
Godz ov War Productions

WARFIST is pure fucking evil war thrash metal!!! Warfist influence combines everything from Possessed to Venom, cumulative ideas and musical apparition. It’s a damn evil mix in the end, for any fan of old school death and thrash metal, as well as appeal to black metal fans. It doesn’t slow the fuck down and I can guarantee this would be a wild pit on the Into the Abyss Fest III in Wroclaw (10.03.2018).Catchy oldschool black/punk riffing attacked by rasps and screams and brisk drums. Very aggressive and a more rock and roll feel give this three songs a new sound, but still the same Warfist at its core heavily influenced by Venom and serves as something great to headbang to.The songs evolve in the two or three minute length they offer, but it’s definitely headbang-worthy. One way is to sit there with the old arms crossed and watch the nuclear audio destruction; the other is to jump in the giant pit. That’s fairly correct verbalism to judging Warfist part of „Laws of Perversion & Filth”.Their half of the album ends with a decent cover of Dodheimsgard’s „Angel Death”.Blackened thrash fans would never destroy this.Nuke the cross!!!


EXCIDIUM spawned from the most fucked up part of Poland in 2006 and began its thrashing onslaught through the land. If you fancy old-sounding thrash metal with a blackish edge to it, you’ll love this. Fucking top notch. What is presented on Excidium side of the split is basically what the band does best: blasting, blasphemous blackened thrash metal. The drummer is amazing in both terms of speed and creativity. The riffing is perfect, and the vocals leave nothing to wish for. 4 unholy tracks about Satan, skulls, whores, demons and other related stuff. The lyrics aren’t the strong side of this album and it’s not really interesting in my opinion, but if you got sick and tired of the huge wave of new Thrash bands that sound just fuckin’ the same, the music on this album can satisfy all your Metal needs for sure! Aggressive drumming and riffs, faaaaasr solos, a bass that can fuckin’ explode a poser’s skull and raw vokillz in the vein of 80’s German Thrash.And this time as a cover we’re crushed by “Karmageddon Warriors”, originally performed by Impaled Nazarene, and it’s just another fantastic cover performance on this split.