Yayla – „Pas.to.rale”

After five years of keeping Yayla in hiatus and focusing on the experimental black metal project Blliigghhtted and controversial creative outlet Viranesir, Emir Toğrul returning to his black metal roots with the fifth Yayla full length called „Pas.to.rale”.And to be honest I find this album to be the most frightening black metal album Anno Bastardi 2017,not in the sense that it is horror-movie scary…What I mean is the mood of the music and atmosphere created,this album is not really the kind of album that you would throw into your CD player on the drive to work. It requires complete attention and a very dark mood to really absorb it and understand it.
To give you a song-by-song review would be stupid here. The album, as a whole, must be experienced to really get the mood and atmosphere created by Yayla. If you jump from track to track, it really doesn’t make sense, you have to take it all in.Yayla has had an enigma of mystery , much like quite a few other underground black metal bands, but while those bands utilize anonymity to add an appealing aspect to their marketability, Yayla doesn’t seem to care much about that sort of thing. This is one of those rare bands that’s refreshing, arresting, compelling, and exciting, all done in the favor of playing music because Emir love music.
The guitars are the classic black metal style, concussive drums with a hollow sound that makes you feel like you are all alone in a post-apocalyptic hell before called Earth. No place to go, no way out. The vocals are the usual raspy harshness of any black metal album, but they have a feeling of urgency and desperation. The ambient parts of „Pas.to.rale” are done amazingly; adding that final touch of atmosphere that takes you song-by-song through this album without a pause. You have no chance for „calm;” no chance to breathe easy knowing that this world you are experiencing is not real.
Everything about the album is unexpected.”Pas.to.rale” is full of crazy influences, a combination that produces music that is nothing short of amazing. Surprising elements pop in here and there at precise moments for a precise purpose with a very precise feel, giving listeners the impression that every single zing, twang, and tink serves some sort of bigger purpose in the artistic labor of Yayla. As a listener, you’d be in constant suspense, and even during the more atmospheric and ambient parts of the songs, the hairs on your neck will be standing in anticipation of awesomeness.
Overall, an amazing album and if the mood hits you just right you’ll be looking over your shoulder and anxiously tossing around in your seat like it’s the most uncomfortable thing you’ve ever sat in.If you’re into metal for the thrashyness, the grimness, or for the melodics, this album isn’t for you. If you’re interested in surrounding yourself with the most insanely bloody atmosphere you can imagine possible through music, this album is perfect for you.