Slava Tchortu!

Since 2016 I try to spread the info’s about some of the interesting materials from the deepest Metal Underground and promoting bands who don’t have the support of a official major labels.
From the very beginning, my web-zine is mostly focused on Black Metal but also with some old school death metal,doom,thrash and heavy metal too!!!!!!!
For personal reasons, it was suspended last year, waiting for the right moment to come back, which has now come.
I always welcome submissions for review so packed up and labelled and just sent your press package.You can contact me directly on my e-mail
In case you are a representative of a PR firm/label or distributor, please contact me of your liking. „ABSIT OMEN WEB-ZINE” accepts physical – as well as digital promos,don’t be shy!I will contact you with direct links once your release has been covered. You can post and advertise as well a news item about your band,label or tour news and announcements are very welcome!



Herr Mariano
Powstancow Slaskich 17