Arx Atrata – Oblivion


Arx Atrata-Oblivion

This is a beautiful work of immersive atmospheric black metal soundscapes: an ideal background to dreams of other worlds and contemplating the infinity of the cosmos and one’s place and purpose in it.I’m immediately plunged in its cold snowy soundscapes with the clear dark night-sky twinkling with diamond-cold stars and the thrill of knowing once again that wolves in the far-off distance are encroaching ever closer .The feeling of life on a knife edge, poised between a temporary stay of danger and the everlasting blackness of death, is acute as never before. Despair, a hopeless mood and anguish are palpable in every note and every cold smooth tone.”Oblivion” combines more of that ethereal deep-silent-snow-night atmosphere with scathing black metal guitar texture for an almost overwhelming stage of a bitterly cold universe in which blackness reigns forever and there is only the soundtrack of anguished phantom cries of those who have crossed over from life into the endless yawn of oblivion.Production on the CD is crystal clear the instruments sound balanced with one another, and the keyboards and synths confidently seize the leading role, dancing around in front of the sludgy rhythm section. There is not really anything more to comment on this debut is definitely one of the finest examples of the incredible musical abilities that can be found within the black metal community, as well as being a fine example of the talent that one-man bands can offer.

Ultimately, a strong debut. The nature of Arx Atrata is not going to please everybody, but for those interested in music which is charismatic and hypnotic, then this may be a tree worth climbing.