ALENE MISANTROPI – „Absence of Light” (2016)
Edition in jewel case CD limited to 500 copies

I recommend you give this album a listen, no matter your favourite genre of metal.”Absence of Light” is generally the atmosphere of pain, sorrow, inhumanity. The songs are long and don’t bring anything revolutionary, but keep the atmosphere and develop it all the time.While the basic sound remains rooted in the black metal sound, there’s also a liberal amount of extremely emotive lead guitar work, with various dalliances into classical music and plenty of contemplative acoustic moments. Over all this, ALENE MISANTROPI spews all sorts of angst and hatred, wallowing in abject misery as a visceral means of self-expression, branching out in all sorts of odd directions while always remain firmly anchored in the atmosphere of life-hatred and self-destruction.The songs are long, but they all have movement to them, and the long parts draw on just long enough until a new part comes in to relieve your ears with you guessed it more agony.This album also gets better and better as it goes on, making it not-unlike one massive album that plods along sections toward one blackened goal.The vocals are filled with pain and sorrow, there are female vocals coming in and out of this album(great work in second track „Confessions Of A Man in Fear (Part II)”, spoken or sung always haunting,which only add to the brilliant atmosphere the riffs build up.Perfectly fit for the music.”Confessions Of A Man in Fear (Part II)” are awesome for the atmosphere of a song,when the blast beats enter, the riffs are faster but always with a foot in the classic melody. The lead guitars lines are essential in this sound to support the rhythmic open chords parts. The vocals are the classic suffered and evocative shrieks full of melancholy and despair. The classic sensation of desperation and despair which PURELIFE are able to create in this music is great. It’s a season of darkness and sorrow, and if you’re looking for the ultimate expression of the latter, look no further!