Ape To God – „The Head Meets The Tail”
Deformeathing Production

Ape To God signs with Deformeathing Production to release debut full-length album called “The Head Meets The Tail”. The band from Lublin/Poland combines elements of thrash, grind, death and groove metal with dystopian and anti-religious themes as well as commentary on society & politics.
Ape To God play a brand of death metal which doesn’t rely on playing at full speed all the time creating memorable songs, which all have their own quirks and advantages. Most songs seem to be about 50% brutality, and then 50% memorable crushing groove. The best thing about the song writing as there really isn’t any straight up „let’s just do the normal routine” filler. There’s just a lot of different ideas, spaced nice and evenly between bouts of extreme Death Metal. If you have the album on loop, after the first listen, you’ll know that you’re listening to the first track again when it comes around, without looking at the name. These songs are very memorable.The band has definitely got a hold on how to make good songs. They play with technicality when bringing on the speed, and are willing to leave the egos alone when they just want you to get caught up in the groove, resulting in quite a refreshing listen.
Guitar sound on this album is good. I like the way they manage to keep up the groove while playing lots of heaviness as well. The grooves are well planned and sound good each time. Many of these riffs are actually enjoyable and you can easily mosh to them.
Helping out the band is the nice, thick production, which helps the crushing sections be a lot heavier, and in most cases at the end of the album be utterly devastating. Such as „Antigodspeed” which is just incredibly violent. And the heavy production helps this to no end. Everything is a little scratchy, which just adds to the brutal side of this album, but the producer has been careful to make sure that everything is easy to hear, meaning that the faster sections don’t lose any real clarity.
All in all this album offers some very enjoyable headbanger music and it’s also a nice mix of different styles. The guitar riffing and majority of the drum beats make this to be mainly a post-thrash album, but the low growls, intense drumming and heaviness this album includes make this a death metal album as well.